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I had a special announcement that I didn’t want to wait to make, so I’m posting an unplanned episode of the podcast. I wanted to let you all in on a change that I’ve decided to make. I am closing down my private Facebook group for the Amazing Seller podcast. I started it over five years ago, about six months after starting the podcast. Over the last few years, it’s grown to over 58,000 members, and with it attracted a lot of spammers who don’t belong there. So, I’ve made the decision to close the group. For now, it’ll be archived so you can still search for resources within the group, but moving forward will no longer be any activity within this group moving forward.


What’s Next for Rock Your Brand?


I’ve decided to create a new private group focused on building your brand and a place to qualify to become a member of Brand Creators down the line if you’re interested in that. Brand Creators is our paid group of members that I work with daily to help grow their brands. I wanted to create a new group where I can post my podcast episodes and do my coffee talks live. My focus is to have the new group filled with the right members, so there will be a smaller number of members.


How To Apply For Our New Facebook Group


You’ll need to complete a brief 2-minute application to become apart of the new group. We will require that you have a profile picture and have an established presence on Facebook. We will not allow anyone jumping into our new group for self-serving purposes. We’ll be posting things here that you can’t always get on the podcast, so it’ll definitely be worth it if you’re a good fit. To submit an application, head over to if you want to submit an application to become apart of the group.


Providing You With a Better Experience


I will continue to record and post three podcasts a week. I’ll also be hosting my coffee talks on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 10 am eastern time. If you want to become apart of our Take Action Crew, submit an application, and we’ll host those within our the Rock Your Brand Facebook group moving forward. The goal is to provide you with a better experience. We’re also using this as an application process of sorts for those who want to become members of Brand Creators in the future.


I wanted to take the time to hop on and be completely open and honest with you about the reasoning behind closing the Amazing Seller Facebook group. If you want to be apart of the new Rock Your Brand private Facebook group, fill out the short 2-minute application. I would love to have you and look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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