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What does it take to get people’s attention on Pinterest? How can you use strategies that will draw people in and keep coming back to your brand? If you are ready to put in the work and see your brand grow, you’ve come to the right place! I thought I had a good handle on my Pinterest approach but I was surprised to find that there were a few key factors that I was missing. Thankfully, my 24-year-old daughter shared her Pinterest expertise with me and now I get to pass on that information to you! Make sure you have pen and paper ready - you are going to need it for this informative episode! 

Why you need evergreen assets 

If you’ve been around the Rock Your Brand community for very long, you know that I get fired up about helping business leaders like you create a future-proof business. In my experience, one of the best ways to set up your business for long-term growth is by creating and cultivating evergreen assets. Evergreen assets are things like, a YouTube channel, an email list, an Instagram account, a blog, or a Pinterest account. While working with my daughter, Alexis, I learned that I was not using Pinterest to the fullest extent that I could - so she showed me how to up my game! Now it’s time to pass on some of those lessons and tips to you. 

Tips you can use to maximize your efforts on Pinterest 

Don’t leave all of your Pinterest strategies up to guesswork, learn how to make the social media platform work for you! Here are a few helpful tips that I’ve picked up recently - I hope you get some of the same great results that I did! 

  • Create a “Business account” on Instagram. 
  • Create 10 “Boards” with keywords. 
  • Add pins to the boards that aren’t just yours, pin resources to the boards. 
  • Create pins for your own blog posts and make them look fresh and new. 
  • Add pins to the bottom of each of your blog posts with an image that is a “Pinterest size.” 
  • Add pins to your “Best of” boards. 
  • Pins other people’s pins to your boards. 

To get a full breakdown of each of these tips that I’ve shared above, make sure to tune into this episode - you don’t want to miss a minute! 


  • [0:03] My introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:00] Creating evergreen assets. 
  • [8:00] How I become a believer in using Pinterest to advance my brand. 
  • [10:30] Breaking down the numbers. 
  • [19:00] Tips you can use to make the most of your Pinterest efforts. 
  • [25:15] Recapping some helpful Pinterest best practices. 
  • [28:00] Closing thoughts. 


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