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Today we're going to talk all about email writing mistakes and how to fix them. I'm talking with Karen from our Brand Creators about an email she recently created and sent out to her new email list. I rewrote it for her and made a few recommendations on how she can improve her emails moving forward.

You'll learn a ton from today's episode, and when we're finished, you're going to be ready to write effective emails for your email list! If you want to be apart of our coffee talks throughout the week, head over to and join us every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 10 am. We would love to have you! 

Real-Time Email Review 

Today I'm sharing a real email example from Karen Curtis, one of our Brand Creators members, and how I would improve it. The best part is that you can always better create better emails, including better stories and content within each one, so never get discouraged when you're writing. When we talk about sending out email broadcast messages to my mailing list, I recommend sending out at least once a week.

Use The Subject Line As Your Hook 

If a subject line catches your eye, save it, so you know what types of emails are effective. You can always come back and reference those later on. Sometimes it won't be something that you think would be effective but actually is. 

I prefer not to send an email with a subject line in all caps. It signals to the spam traps and could go to the promotions or spam folder, which we want to avoid. I like to have the first letter of each word capitalized or capitalize on a keyword to catch the person's attention. It still stands out without your email heading to spam. 

Make sure your subject line direct and easy to understand. Make it clear what the email is about so they can know what to expect before they even open it up. 

How to Write an Effective Email 

People don't care about us as business owners. If I just talked about myself and what I'm doing, you'd probably just ignore me. You want to know how I can help you. Keep the language of your email all about the customer and how your products and services are going to benefit them.

Avoid asking questions right out of the gate because they can't answer you even if they wanted to. Instead, use a question as a call to action. Hold off on images if your email list is new. Anytime we put links or images, it's easier for them to get flagged when you send them. Always add a ps. 

Keep your emails very clean and very lean. Always get them to reply back to you. Ask them a question to get them to respond to help build brand credibility. Not only will it give you a better chance of being delivered, but you'll also have people opening and replying to.

Always make sure that your emails are searchable and super easy to read. Break up the text with space, so it's simple to follow along. 

Send an Email to Your Unopened List 

A day after you send an email to your new list, send another email to the people who haven't opened your first email. You'll keep it similar but always change up the subject like to help pique their interest. Try to make it more appealing and give them a reason to open the email. 

If you haven't purchased our Brand Creators book, get yours today. There is an entire section teaching you how to create an effective email list and how to send out effective emails. 

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