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There is a lot more to making your Amazon business successful than sourcing a product and throwing it onto Amazon. You’ve got to figure out ways to get many, many people not only seeing your products, but opting in to your email list and eventually, purchasing your products. When your items first show up on Amazon, they’ll be way down the list, so organic sales will be very few. That’s where “outside” traffic comes in. In this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott’s going to highlight some of the “dos” and “don’ts” of outside traffic to help you get the right kind of traffic, the right way.


The right social media platform for the right audience.


What does that mean? It means that when you’re considering promotions or list-building ads on a social media platform, you need to think through why people are on that social media platform in the first place. For example: People tend to go onto Facebook to see what’s going on with their friends or family, or to be entertained by funny memes or videos. Very seldom are they there to buy a product. So ads directing people to a sales page are not as effective. But if you were to apply that same evaluation to Pinterest, you may find an entirely different story. In this episode Scott covers the difference in various social media platforms and gives his advice on how to use each of them to drive traffic to the right offer or page.


Do you know the biggest “outside traffic” mistake Amazon sellers make?


It’s driving people directly to a sales page instead of trying to use social media platforms for a more long term goal - building an email list. Because many people are on social media for “social” reasons (go figure), they aren’t open to buying something while they’re on that channel. So trying to make them do it is not only frustrating, it’s dumb. Instead, appeal to the reason they are there in the first place by offering them something that is entertaining or socially oriented that is connected to your product. And how do they get it? By signing up for your email list. It’s a great way to build a list that can help you launch products, get reviews, and lots more. Find out how Scott would go about doing it, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


Are there smart ways to drive traffic using Pinterest?


You bet there are. Many people use Pinterest to spark their creativity or to find ideas about home decor, crafts, haircuts, and a million other things. They are there in a “consumer” mood already. If they see your product-related pin and it sparks their interest or scratches an itch they already have, you may wind up having a very warm lead or potential customer. And one of the good things… if they wind up pinning your image to their board, it’s there forever, for all their friends and followers to see. Find out more about how Scott’s learning to use Pinterest on this episode.


To build your list you need to offer something that is truly of value to people.


Too many internet marketers throw together something shoddy or unfulfilling to lure people into subscribing for their email list. But if you do that you destroy the trust level because once they download your offer and discover it’s junk, they will unsubscribe or worse yet, form a negative opinion of you and your products. That’s why it’s critical that the “offer” you make in exchange for an email address is something of great value to your ideal customers. By doing that you’ll ensure that they are the type of person who will not only buy your product, but also be more likely to help you promote it and spread the word. Hear Scott’s tactics and ideas for building your list through great offers, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.




  • [0:05] Welcome and introduction - and why Scott’s so excited!

  • [1:20] Your invitation to Scott’s live workshop -

  • [2:24] The first mistake in driving “outside” traffic to your products - trying to sell directly through social media.

  • [5:08] The difference between people seeing your product and them being potentially interested in your product.

  • [7:19] The second biggest mistake in driving traffic to your products - not capturing email addresses.

  • [14:04] The variety of social platforms - their strengths and ways to use them.

  • [15:41] How outside traffic can impact your email list.

  • [17:12] A focus on Pinterest - how you can use it drive sales.

  • [19:00] The changing Amazon climate regarding “blast” services.

  • [20:00] The importance of keeping your email list “warm” and various ways you can do that.

  • [22:00] Why the main goal is to build an email list.

  • [22:48] How do you know where to start?

  • [24:16] Things you can use as a “lead magnet” to get people to join your list.

  • [26:15] The right way to get your customers to join your “customer” list.

  • [27:16] The importance of creating valuable stuff to build a solid list.



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