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Welcome to this episode, the 27th “Ask Scott” session! Your questions are what make these Friday episodes the valuable resource that they are, so keep them coming. If you’ve never asked a question but would like to, you can submit your question very simply. Just go to and click the button to leave your own voicemail question. Who knows? You might be the next listener whose question is featured. Scott loves to field these questions. Not only does it help you, it also helps everyone listening, so go leave your question for Scott now!


I made a mistake, how can I increase my seller rating now?


A listener accidentally missed some customer emails (they landed in the SPAM folder on his email), so he didn’t respond to them in a timely way. Naturally, that dinged his seller ranking on Amazon and he’s struggling to get it boosted again. In this episode of Ask Scott, Scott gives this seller some tips on how he can go about increasing his seller rank after some negatives have occurred. There are some very logical, simple steps to take that over time, can increase that seller rank. Find out how on this episode.


I’m spending lots of money on a PPC campaign and can’t rank for my keyword!


Amazon PPC is a vital part of the Amazon business model and a listener asks Scott what he’s doing wrong. He’s got a campaign set up to rank for certain keywords, but he can’t even get one impression for his main keyword. He’s spent up to $50 per impression to try to get his product to rank, but no luck. What’s he doing wrong? In this episode Scott Voelker answers the question by giving some tips regarding PPC and he even suggests the seller call Amazon’s catalogue department to get some first-hand help. Hear the entire response by listening to this episode.


I’ve just launched my 2nd product but I can’t get it to rank higher than the 2nd page. Help!


An Amazon seller who’s already had some success with one product has just followed Scott’s product launch steps to put her second product in the Amazon catalogue. But try as she might, she can’t get her product to rise any higher than the second page of the Amazon search results. Is she doing something wrong? Does it have to do with how long the competing sellers have had their products listed on Amazon? Scott’s got some ideas of what might be going on, so be sure you listen to hear all the details.


I want to add variations (color, size) to an existing Amazon product listing. Can I do that?


Say you’ve got a T-shirt listed on Amazon. The first listing for the black shirt is selling well so now you want to include additional colors. What do you have to do in order to list your new shirts? Can you add them to the first listing as a variation? Do you have to create an entirely new product listing? What do you do with the old listing if you decide to create a new one with variations included? These are important questions and Scott dives into it on this episode, including some talk about using parent/child functions in the product dashboard to connect products to each other. It’s a great response that everyone can learn from.




  • [0:10] Welcome to this “Ask Scott” episode!
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  • [3:38] QUESTION 1: Is there any way I can improve my seller rating after accidentally not replying to customer emails?
  • [9:38] QUESTION 2: Why can’t I get impressions on keywords I’m bidding on?
  • [15:24] QUESTION 3: I cannot get my second product to rank higher than the second page. Does it have to do with how long other products have been on Amazon?
  • [21:22] QUESTION 4: Can current listings be modified to include modifications or do I need to set up new listings?
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