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Welcome to this episode of The Amazing Seller. Today Scott’s got a couple of very important things to cover and he doesn’t waste any time getting to them. Both come from today’s guest, Matt Ward. The first has to do with some tweaks he’s making to the process he recommends for introducing your very first Amazon product to the market. The other issue has to do with a unique strategy that Matt is using to get reviews for his products. It’s an interesting idea and Scott’s not sure what he thinks about it  yet, but he wanted to you to hear about it so you can make up your own mind. We’re also going to hear what Matt’s doing to prepare for a smooth exit from his private label business when he’s ready to sell it. All of that and lots more details are on this episode.


There is more than one way to launch your Amazon product.


Today’s guest, Matt Ward is living proof of that. One of Matt’s strongest beliefs is that Facebook is one of the greatest email list building services in the world. How does that work? Matt has become a member of many FB groups and builds his relationships inside those groups with an eye toward making connections that could eventually get people onto his email list for product discounts, purchases, and announcements about new products he’s developing. Within a matter of days he found himself building a pretty substantial email list simply by making a 50% discount offer to anyone who sent him their email address. It’s how he builds a list to help him not only with one product but with a series of products that are in the same niche. Hear more about his approach to using Facebook in this episode.


“I would never sell a product that didn’t connect with other products.”


That’s what Matt Ward said when Scott asked him if his products were related within a specific niche on  Amazon. He’s convinced that it makes the most sense to build a business, not just a few scattered or unrelated products that bring in money. The business approach enables him to tie the products together in a way where cross promotion is natural and the same people who buy one of his products would naturally be interested in the others. It’s smart business and it works. You can hear more of what Matt’s got to say about his approach to Amazon Private Label sales on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


Do you have a follow up sequence for your email list?


For that matter, do you even have an email list at all? Scott’s long said that building an email list of people who are interested in what you have to offer is essential to making future product sales and launches happen much faster and with greater overall success. Matt Ward, today’s guest, agrees.  He’s been able to use some of his blog content as trickle-out content that he sends through is email list to keep his customers or interested prospects engaged with his brand. That way he’s able to stay top of mind… and when a new product comes out, they are used to hearing from him already. That’s just one of the gold nuggets Matt shares on this episode so make sure you take some time to listen to how he’s running his FBA business, on this episode.


How important are Amazon reviews for your product ranking?

Matt Ward (today’s guest) is convinced that product reviews are essential, but not because they help your product rank higher in Amazon. He’s got a few products that are going up against competition that has thousands of reviews, but his product, which only has 50 reviews, outranks theirs at times. What’s the catch? He’s outselling them most of the time. He’s convinced that ranking on the search page in Amazon has to do with your sales volume more than anything else. Reviews are good for social proof, showing prospective buyers that your product is legitimate and that you are a trustworthy company. Matt’s got lots of insights to share and you can hear all of them on this episode.

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