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Your Amazon sales question are answered here! Yes, it does seem too good to be true but just give this episode quick listen and you’ll see that Scott Voelker doesn’t hold anything back. He takes your real life, honest questions and applies his vast knowledge of product research, selection, modification, listing, marketing, and sales, and puts it to work by answering your questions. This episode features questions about Best seller rank (BSR), getting custom products created, and using PPC data to optimize results. Sit down, grab something to take some notes, and get ready to learn how to take your private label business to the next level.


Connect with Scott on Periscope for live interaction!


Scott’s having a great time using Periscope, have you connected with him there yet? Periscope is a live video streaming app that enables you to watch and interact with Scott live anytime that he has something to share (and he’s got a lot to share throughout the day). His thoughts might be on Amazon sales or just business in general, but you’ll get something actionable out of every conversation Scott has on Periscope. To get the app for your phone head over to and then search for Scott Voelker once you’ve got it installed. It won’t be long before you’ll be “scoping” with Scott!


What is BSR (Best Seller Rank) and how can I use it in my product research?


One of the key stats you want to discover when you’re researching a potential product niche is what Amazon calls BSR (Best Seller Rank). It’s the number that shows how well a certain vendor’s products are selling on Amazon and it tells you whether or not a product niche is one that is worth your time and effort to get into. In this episode Scott’s going to run through the bare bones way of figuring out best seller rank and also show you how you can use software to automate that aspect of your product research process to speed up the time it takes you to decide on a product and get it to market. You won’t want to miss it.


I found a great product niche but I can’t find it on Alibaba. How can I get a custom product made?


A listener called in to ask Scott about a product niche that he’s very excited about, but he can’t find anything even similar on Alibaba from wholesale companies. What should he do? Scott’s idea is that he can use Alibaba to provide a drawing or description of what he’s looking for and find out how much a supplier might charge him to create the product from scratch. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself in a busy market and also a sure fire way to keep your product listings from being hijacked. Scott walks through the specifics of what he’d do if he was in this listener’s shoes so take a little time to pick up some tips.

Using your PPC data to tweak your campaign for better results.


Wow… the listener who called in this question has some amazing things going on in his Amazon pay per click campaign. He’s making tons of sales at great margins, but he wants to know what he should do next to optimize things even more. You won’t believe how detailed Scott gets with this, taking the guy through the Amazon dashboard step at a time to get him to the exact report he needs to look at to find out how he can optimize his returns even more. If you’re curious about a practical way that PPC can be used to increase profits, you’ll want to hear Scott’s explanation on this episode of The Amazing Seller.




  • [0:05] Welcome and introduction of this episode: Ask Scott!
  • [1:18] How you can connect with Scott on Periscope.
  • [3:00] The TAS Facebook community and how you can get involved.
  • [5:39] A shout out to Phil, a TAS community member!
  • [6:34] QUESTION ONE: I’ve got a couple of questions about product research, can you help?
  • [18:57] QUESTION TWO: I’ve found a product I want to offer but can’t find it on the supplier websites. How can I get someone to create it for me?
  • [26:37] QUESTION THREE: Can you help me tweak my PPC campaign given the numbers I’m receiving?

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