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Today’s guest is no stranger to the Amazing Seller Podcast - not only has Danny Brewer listened to the show from almost the beginning, he’s also been featured on the show as a guest twice, back on episodes 17 and 100. Danny’s back today because he was able to take advantage of a special opportunity Amazon gave to certain sellers, called  “Lightning Deals.” In this conversation Scott is going to ask Danny to walk us through the details of how this opportunity came about, how he took advantage of it, and what the results were from participating in this special Amazon promotion. You’re going to learn a lot from hearing these two guys dig into this topic.


Prime Day was a great boost for many Amazon sellers. What can you learn from it?


Both Scott Voelker and Danny Brewer participated in the Amazon Prime Day event - an opportunity for Amazon buyers to get special deals on lots of products all over the Amazon platform. Scott and Danny both participated, not necessarily giving discounts on their products and the sales were tremendous! Both of them saw much greater returns during a time of the year when sales are not typically the best. In this episode Scott and  Danny spend a little bit of time discussing the pros and cons of the Prime Day event. Their chat could help you prepare for the opportunity the next time it comes around so be sure to listen.


If you get an email from Amazon inviting you to part of a Lightning Deal, you could be in for a wild ride!


Amazon’s newest approach to promotions is called “Lightning Deals” and it’s a way that the Amazon company is reaching out to private label sellers with an offer to participate in 4-hour promotions of your products that could increase your sales and possibly even boost your product visibility from that point on. The initial contact would come from Amazon via email and you’d be invited to participate. At that point you’ll be asked to fill out forms regarding your products, pricing you’re willing to offer, and other information. If you’re product qualifies and Amazon accepts you into the program, you’ll be assigned a specific day and time slot when your product will be offered as a “lightning deal.” You’ll have to have your inventory in Amazon’s warehouse 48 hours before the deal goes live. Find out more about these incredible opportunities for Amazon to promote your products on this episode.


The power of building relationships that keep you moving forward.


Danny Brewer, today’s guest on The Amazing Seller, is a great example of a person who takes action in partnership with other people who are doing the same kind of sales he is doing. He’s a very active member of the TAS Facebook community and also has been involved in a local meeting group of Amazon sellers who share information and keep each other accountable. If you are not part of a group that can help you push forward when you hit your own internal resistance, you have got to find that place. The TAS Facebook group is an amazing option where you’ll find people who are all about helping each other move their Amazon businesses forward.


“TAKE ACTION!” It’s Scott’s favorite phrase.


Many people listen to podcasts all day long and do nothing with the information they hear. Others buy online courses or books and devour them, but don’t move forward with any of the strategies they learn. Are you one of those people? If you are, you’re probably making excuses as to why what you’ve learned doesn’t apply to you, or why you can’t move forward into a business or life you feel you should have. That’s too bad because good things happen for those who take action. You don’t have to know everything, you only have to know the next thing. So find out what it is and get rolling. Take action to see your own Amazon Private Label business succeed!




  • [0:05] Scott’s introduction of this episode with his guest, Danny “No B.S.” Brewer.
  • [1:49] Introduction of Danny and how he and Scott connected.
  • [6:38] Amazon’s “Prime Day” and how it impacted private label sales.
  • [7:53] What is an “Amazon Lightning Deal?”
  • [9:26] How Prime Day impacted Danny’s product and product line and how he would do it differently.
  • [12:44] How the lowest average price is used and what pricing you have to offer to participate.
  • [15:05] The benefit of having a rush of sales before the 4th quarter began.
  • [16:53] Filling out the paperwork and getting an acceptance email.
  • [19:04] How long a lightning deal runs.
  • [19:20] The boosts Danny experienced on his product from the LD.
  • [23:45] Summary of what a Lightning Deal is and how to make the decision if you want to be involved.
  • [27:23] What Scott would do if he had to start all over.
  • [33:50] Danny’s suggestions to increase sales and be ready for the 4th quarter.
  • [41:10] Summary of this episode with Danny Brewer.




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