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Welcome back to The Amazing Seller, the podcast that gives you practical, powerful advice about how you can build an Amazon business that takes action and builds the life and lifestyle that you want. In this episode, as always, Scott has got a great show in store. He’s going to talk to you about some amazingly simple things that most people do wrong when it comes to optimizing their product listings. The reason it’s so wrong is because it not only hurts their organic search in Amazon, it also makes their Amazon PPC not work correctly. You won’t believe how simple it is and the dramatic impact it had on one student’s account in a very short amount of time. Hear all the details for yourself on this episode.


How Scott discovered these simple product listing mistakes.


During one of Scott’s private label classroom sessions a student mentioned that when she tried to do a “suggested keyword” PPC campaign, she was only given 2 keyword options. That didn’t seem right to her or to Scott. At Scott’s suggestion, she looked at the keywords in her product listing and removed all the commas in between the words. When she did that it was only a short matter of time before things changed dramatically. Scott thinks this could not only have been impacting her PPC campaigns but also her organic search in Amazon. In this episode you’re going to hear all the details of the tweaks they made to her account and the actual results she got by doing it.


Amazon Product listing mistake #1


Every Amazon seller has GOT to learn how to use PPC in order to make their product listing visible and attractive to every Amazon search that has to do with their product. Many people step into using PPC without taking the time to learn how to use it wisely. And among those who do use it wisely for the most part, there are small mistakes that can cause the entire PPC campaign to be ineffective. This first mistake is so easy to make and so simple to correct. It has to do with a tiny little thing called a “comma.” Want to know all the details of how one student in Scott’s private label class went from 2 keywords available in a suggested PPC campaign to hundreds? You’re going to find out on this episode!


You want to make the most of the space you have for keywords and product listing titles


And not everyone knows that one of the main ways you can do that is to make sure you’re not repeating words. For example, if you’re selling garlic presses you want to make sure that you only use the word “garlic” and the word “press” once each in your title and keywords. Many sellers would use those words again coupled with other words to try to rank for a different keyword phrase, but that’s not how Amazon works. When Amazon sees the word “garlic” the first time, it shuffles it around with all the other keywords and makes up all the phrases it can using those keywords… so you don’t have to. Find out exactly how Scott recommends you make the most of your keyword and title space on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


Be careful how you phrase your product titles on Amazon.


You may feel it’s important to use words like “quality” and “bargain” in your product titles in order to give those searching adequate reasons to click on your listing title. But when you do that you’re actually wasting space that the Amazon engine is looking at to determine whether your item is something to show at all. People won’t be searching for “quality garlic press” - they’ll be searching for “garlic press.” So leave out the filler words so you can maximize that space with better, more relevant keywords and get your products found in the Amazon search more easily. Scott walks you through these 3 simple mistakes that you can easily fix, on this episode.




  • [0:05] Welcome to the episode!
  • [0:50] How you can connect with Scott on Periscope!
  • [2:19] Getting into the topic of PPC mistakes.
  • [4:02] The BIGGEST MISTAKE and the story behind how it was discovered.
  • [11:15] Mistake #2 made with keywords on listings - repeating keywords
  • [14:10] Forget the filler words on your product titles.
  • [17:30] How these mistakes were verified instantly in a student’s account.



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