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You’ve landed on the Friday edition of the Amazing Seller podcast where Scott does his “Ask Scott” episode. It’s an opportunity for up and coming or veteran Amazon sellers to ask their real life questions of Scott Voelker, a successful Amazon seller who is making it his job to teach and inform about Amazon sales and Private Labeling on Amazon. If you’ve got a question you’d like to ask Scott, you can find out how to do that on this episode, so make sure you listen and ask your questions! Maybe it will be featured on this Friday slot!


If I log on to Amazon using different IP addresses, is that going to cause me problems?


When you log on to any account, Amazon or another site, the website logs what IP address you are logging in from. An IP address is the internet address where your particular computer is located. A coffee shop will have a different IP address. The library will have a different one. Your parent’s house will have yet another. Are there problems that arise when you log into your account from multiple IP addresses? It’s an interesting question that Scott takes on. If you’re curious, take some time to listen in to this episode!

If I’m an International Seller, what can I do to maximize my U.S. Sales?


International sellers have a lot of additional hoops to jump through in order to sell their products in the U.S. market. A listener tells Scott he’s doing great so far selling products from Australia, but wants to know what things he should watch out for in order to be successful at his U.S. sales. Scott’s got two great resources to share that should help international sellers make the best of the opportunity to do private label sales on Amazon. If you live outside the U.S. and would like to sell on Amazon, you’ve got to hear about these resources!

I created my own product but am not being allowed to use PPC. Can you help?


This listener from Colorado has created his own product and loves that it’s the only product on Amazon like it. He got his first 5 reviews and then went to set up his first PPC campaign just like Scott suggests. When he started the process he discovered that Amazon would not allow him to set up a PPC campaign because he did not have the “buy box” inside the Amazon product listing. That doesn’t make sense. If it’s his product, he should be the only one on the listing and should have that buy box. What’s the catch? Scott’s got plenty to suggest to this seller in regards to tracking down this strange problem, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Is it a major hurdle to start my Amazon sales in a restricted product category?


Restricted categories in Amazon are certain product niches, like health and beauty, where Amazon will not allow new sellers to enter without approval. A new Amazon seller wants to know if it’s a major problem for him to try to get approved for a “gated” or restricted category within Amazon in order to start with his first product. Scott’s advice is that he not try to get into a gated community like this for his first product and he has plenty of reasons why he gives that advice. You can learn a lot from Scott’s reply so make sure you listen in to hear all the details.  




  • [0:05] Welcome to the episode!
  • [1:10] A graphic shared on the TAS Community on Facebook.
  • [4:30] QUESTION 1: Can I use various IP addresses when accessing my Amazon account? If so, what problems might it cause?
  • [11:35] QUESTION 2: What are the obstacles for international Amazon sellers?
  • [16:05] QUESTION 3: My products are not allowed on PPC because I don’t have the “buy box” for my product. What can I do?
  • [20:18] QUESTION 4: Is it a major hurdle to get approved for a restricted category for my first product?




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