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It’s a very common thing for brand new Amazon private label sellers… the question, “How do I find good product ideas?” Those are not just common questions, they are vital and important ones. You need good products if you’re going to make a run at an Amazon business. But finding those ideas is not as hard as you might think and on this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott Voelker is going to walk you through the way his brain works when it comes to finding new product ideas and niches (scary, right?). You’re going to see from a handful of real life examples Scott’s come across that finding ideas for new products is not as hard as you think.


For Private Label product ideas, nothing works better than a “Daily Touch List.”


One of the exercises Scott Voelker teaches in his private label workshops is the creation of a daily touch list. It’s a list you make as you go through your day where you write down every, single thing you touch during that day. It takes a while and is a bit nit-picky but what you’ll discover by doing it is that through the course of just one day there are thousands of product niches and ideas that you could investigate as possible private label products. As you analyze your basic list a bit further you’ll begin to see spin-off ideas and possibilities that you never would have thought of without making the list in the first place. Be sure to listen to this episode… Scott even gives away a few of the ideas he’s had in the past few months.


You’ve got to keep your eyes and ears open… private label product ideas are all around.


Scott was chatting with his buddy John a while back. They were just shooting the breeze, drinking a beer together, catching up on life. John’s in the extermination business and as the two of them chatted about John’s work and the various problems he faces, Scott remembered that one of the best and biggest sources of product ideas is the problems people face. He began to wonder what products might be needed in John’s particular niche and his brain started racing. Scott’s not going to create a line of pest control products, but he shares the example to show you that as you talk with people in the course of everyday life, product ideas spring to life if you simply know how to listen.


Are there local businesses in your area that make specialty products?


If so, you could be onto a new product idea for Amazon private label right there! Check out the company. Do they have a webpage? If not, they probably aren’t very internet savvy. You could potentially partner with them to get their products on Amazon and work out a deal where you get a certain amount of the profit they make from their overall Amazon sales. Or better yet, they might be willing to set up a wholesale arrangement with you so that you could private label their products and sell them as your own on Amazon. They’d get the wholesale profit and you’d have an almost “instant” Amazon brand that can’t be duplicated. Scott’s got lots of ideas like this to share, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


Learning to live life on purpose and product ideas will spring up everywhere!


What does your sister or brother do for a living? Are there needs in that industry that you could service with a private label product? How about your neighbor or friend? What are the hobbies your grandparents enjoy? Is there a product idea there? Do you see how you can simply begin looking around and find many, many areas where product ideas might exist. You’ve just got to put in the time to think about it and ask some questions to discover if there’s potential for an Amazon product that could make you some cash. Be sure to listen to this episode to hear Scott’s suggestions for how to stimulate your brain to find more product ideas!




  • [0:05] Scott’s introduction to this episode and how he came up with the idea.
  • [2:16] A highlight from episode 125 that inspired a TAS listener.
  • [6:42] A conversation Scott had that illustrates how Scott gets product ideas.
  • [9:25] The importance of keeping your eyes and ears open.
  • [11:18] The Daily Touch List strategy for product idea discovery.
  • [14:40] Think about the markets you come across in conversations and situations.
  • [18:24] Another example from Scott’s experience - organic soap.
  • [19:46] The importance of solving people’s problems.
  • [21:00] The possibilities of partnering with existing companies in your local area.
  • [24:00] Learning to think outside the box about everyday situations and things.




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