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Welcome back to this episode of The Amazing Seller, the very BEST place for you to learn how to sell products on Amazon. This episode is all about finding product ideas. That’s really the first and most important step to a successful private label selling business. You can’t even hope to make a living doing Amazon sales if you don’t have a product that people want to buy. So take this step seriously. Scott’s got some great tips for you about how to find product ideas that you KNOW will sell. Be sure to listen. This one’s full of great value.


First, think about serving a market.


You want more than one product that sells on Amazon. You want a brand, a business. If you’re going to build a line of products like every brand does, you need to think in terms of the overall market you’re going to serve. Are they hunters? Knitters? Chefs? Parents? Athletes? Drill down even further. Is there a subset group within that market? The more specific you can get the more clearly you’ll be able to discover specialty products that niche can use and will be willing to pay for. Think about the market and the wide variety of products they need and you’ll be on your way to finding a successful product you can private label on Amazon.


If you want to find great products to sell, start with a daily “touch list.”


You may have heard Scott talk about a “touch list” before, but it bears repeating because it’s so important. Everyday you touch thousands of things that you use to make your life work. Computers, clothes, toothbrushes, and more. Spend time over the next few days looking at everything you touch. Is there an item you use that’s kind of unique? Interesting? Popular? Is there a way you could come up with a product idea centered around a product like that? Take the time to make a touch list and you won’t be short of ideas for great products.


Your hobbies or passions may be the very best place for you to find a product idea.


Think about that one for a minute. If you’re already passionate about something you’ll know it better than most people. Start digging into those hobbies that you love so much to consider what items or products other people who like it would buy. Is there any way a product could be modified or tweaked to serve the market better? Is there something everyone wants but nobody can find? Do you see how this works? The more questions you ask about your hobbies the more you’re going to be able to find product ideas that can really work. Listen to this episode to get more great ideas from Scott about how to make your hobbies and passions into a business.


What have you purchased in the last 7 days?


Asking yourself this one question - and making a list - is going to open your mind to the possibilities of things that people buy regularly, over and over, for the daily business of life. Those are the kinds of things that will help you get your mind going to find those products that can be consistent in their sales and demand. Don’t be lazy and just try to think about it, write it down. Then expand your question to the last 30 days. You’ll be amazed at all the ideas you come up with from this one simple exercise.




  • [0:25] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [0:39] How you can get transcripts of every episode and cheat sheets of certain episodes.
  • [1:54] The one year anniversary of TAS!
  • [3:59] An inspiration from the TAS Facebook group.
  • [6:12] When Scott first started Amazon private label sales, there were no tools.
  • [8:10] How to think about the market you’re going to be serving.
  • [9:15] Why service one particular market is vital.
  • [17:00] Do your own personal “touch list.”
  • [18:20] Consider passions or hobbies you have.
  • [21:24] Browse shopping sites and networks to get ideas.
  • [22:50] Walk through the big box stores to get ideas.
  • [24:50] Infomercials and TV shows.
  • [27:40] Listen to what people are talking about.
  • [29:27] Check out the magazine racks at the store.
  • [31:51] A Bonus question you should ask yourself.
  • [33:45] A Bonus tip using Google Keyword tool



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