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It’s time for another episode of The Amazing Seller podcast and this session in particular is an “Ask Scott” episode where Scott Voelker answers your questions week after week. It’s an opportunity for you to get your specific problems addressed by a guy who’s been studying and doing Amazon private label sales for quite a while, now. If you want to have your question answered on one of these episodes, you need to listen so you can find out how to do it!

You’ve mentioned not trying to sell supplements as a first product. But I currently have a business selling supplements online and want to get onto Amazon. What should I do?

Scott has addressed the sale of vitamin or health supplements before and he’s never recommended that a person who’s never done private labeling start out with supplements. Why? Because it’s one of the most crowded markets on Amazon and will cost you tons of money to get yourself recognized and ranking for keywords. But this listener already has a supplement business, so Scott takes a bit of a different approach to that. Listen in to this episode to see how Scott would go about it.

What are the different “levels” or “types” of private labeling?

One of Scott’s listeners is curious how to think about private labeling in terms of the different “levels” of involvement that private label sellers may be involved at. There appears to be a “full blown” level that includes branding your own products, getting custom packaging, etc. but there’s also the level that buys products from a site like and resells them without doing any kind of branding at all. Scott gives a great overview of the different ways it’s possible to do a private label business, so be sure you listen.

Amazon support advised me to delete my listing. I’m a bit hesitant. What should I do?

A listener has his product listed on Amazon’s brand registry but due to a little bit of missing information he’s being advised by Amazon seller support that he should delete his listing, create another one for the same product, and include the missing information on that listing. He’s hesitant to delete a long-standing product listing and asks Scott’s advice. Scott has plenty to say about this one and is NOT sure the guy should do what he’s been told. Do you know why? You can hear Scott’s reasons on this episode.

I’m trying to dial-in my PPC campaigns and am not sure I’m doing it correctly. Can you help?

One of Scott’s listeners is doing a great job analyzing and optimizing her PPC campaigns week to week, but she doesn’t feel she’s getting everything out of it. In order to respond to this question, Scott asks his buddy Chris Schaeffer to come on the show to give his insight because Chris is an expert at PPC. He’s got a few incredibly insightful tips regarding how she should go about getting her PPC to work better, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


  • [0:25] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [0:37] How you can ask your question for Scott to answer.
  • [1:16] An action-taker inside the TAS Facebook group!
  • [3:23] QUESTION 1: How can a person who’s already selling supplements online get onto Amazon since it’s so crowded.
  • [9:06] QUESTION 2: Can you address the “levels” of private labeling and how it might impact the end results?
  • [14:07] QUESTION 3: I have a question about protection from hijacking for my trademarked product.
  • [19:12] QUESTION 4: How can I do a better job of choosing PPC keywords?



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