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Welcome back to the show notes page of The Amazing Seller Podcast. Scott Voelker is here to lead you in understanding and building an Amazon Private Label business that can build the life you want to live. On this episode Scott’s got a great list of 10 things learned in the first 3 months in the FBA world, and it was contributed by a listener to the podcast. You’ll get some great insights from this list, from a person who is fresh into the industry and knows the realities of starting from square one. Even if you’re experienced at private label sales, you’ll be encouraged by what this listener has to share.

Hard work cannot be replaced. There is no easy way forward.

If you want to build a business through Amazon Private Label sales you are going to have to do exactly that, build it. Building things takes a lot of hard work. It takes determination. It takes a commitment to seeing things through. One of the biggest lessons shared on this top 10 list is that hard work cannot be replaced. There Is no easy way forward if you want it business that will provide the lifestyle and the income that you are seeking. Listen to this episode of the podcast to be encouraged in ways that will enable you to stick with it when things get hard. Take action.

If you let yourself get overwhelmed, you’re going to give up.

When you first get started building a business on Amazon through private label sales, you will discover that there are so many variables and so many things to consider, it seems like you might never figure it out. You can easily get overwhelmed, but you have to fight the over whelmed by systematically doing one thing at a time that will take you a simple step forward. It's that kind of single-minded determination that will enable you to do what you want to do in building your business. Be sure to listen to this episode to hear more of Scott's tips about how to fight overwhelm.

Amazon private label is a long term endeavor.

The stories you hear about someone putting a private label product onto the Amazon platform and hitting $10,000 in sales during their first month are the exceptions not the rule. It's very common that sellers never hit $10,000 a month in sales. It's also common that those who do take a month and possibly even years to get there. You have to think of your Amazon business as a long-term Endeavor. It's going to take time, especially if he do it the right way. Make sure you listen to this episode to hear Scott's encouragement about what it takes to build your business with a long view.

Learn from others, but make up your own mind in the end.

When you're first starting out in your Amazon private label business it is vital that you learn all that you can. You want to listen to people who have gone down the path you are traveling ahead of you. But there comes a point where you have to make your own decisions, where the advice you receive is weighed against the circumstances that you are actually in. It's at that point you need to have the confidence to make up your own mind about the direction you were going to take. On this episode Scott gives some great advice about how to get to that place, and how to make the right decisions when you do.


  • [0:25] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [1:08] What this episode is about - an email from a listener.
  • [5:00] April’s email about her first year on Amazon private label.
  • [8:31] Why hard work is the first thing you need.
  • [9:20] Why you can’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed.
  • [10:50] The power of thinking long term.
  • [13:20] Community with great people is essential.
  • [15:36] A positive attitude is key!
  • [17:22] Daily action to move your company forward is powerful.
  • [20:38] Don’t rush important decisions (but don’t allow more time just for the sake of it).
  • [22:41] Listen to advice from others but make up your own mind based on your situation.
  • [24:50] Why it’s important to give back.
  • [28:32] Fear and doubt can paralyze you. You can’t let it.
  • [34:45] How to get in on the next live workshop.


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