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For very long time Scott has recommended a specific approach to launching new products on the Amazon platform. But he's making some adjustments based on the feedback and input he's received from some of his friends who are selling products on Amazon as well. On this episode of the podcast Scott is outlining the specifics of these tweaks and telling you why they work as well as they do. On future product launches he's going to be trying the suggestions and will report back to you in the future about the success he's he's on his personal products.


Have you gone through Scott’s free 10 day course?


If you are brand new to the world of Amazon private label sales, you don't have to reinvent the wheel or start from square one. Scott has put together a tremendous resource for you to help you understand and apply the principles behind everything from finding a great private label products to getting it listed on Amazon and making sales. You can find out how to get Scott's free 10-day course by listen to this episode of the podcast. Be sure you do so that you don't have to learn all of the hard learned lessons the hard way.


An adjustment to using promotions to launch a product.


So far when Scott has launched a new private label product he has done a very large promotion at the beginning to get quite a few reviews on the product listing so that the social proof for the product will be higher and therefore spawn more sales. But he's taking a new approach now based on the feedback from some friends. He's going to be doing a smaller promotion at first to get the ball rolling and wait for a bit to see if it prompts organic sales. If it does he will wait before he does any further promotions if it doesn't then is when he will put together his larger promotional strategy. You can hear all the details of this new approach on this episode of the podcast.


Do you understand WHY product reviews are so important?


One of the key components to a good product launch strategy on Amazon is facilitating a way for your buyers to give you reviews on the product. Reviews are vitally important, not because they cause your products to rank higher in the Amazon search results, but because when people do search on Amazon and find your product there is more social proof behind your product that will prompt him to become a purchaser. It is those purchases that rank your product higher in organic search. On this episode of the podcast Scott walks you through the new approach he is taking to his product launch so that you can understand the benefits of the adjustments.


The Amazing Seller Facebook Community is ready to welcome you!


If you have not joined The Amazing Seller Facebook Community you are missing out. It is filled with Amazon private label sellers who are there to share their successes, failures, and encouragement for those who are just getting started. It's a great place to hang around like-minded people and get the boost you need to keep going in your private label sales business. You can find out how to become a part of that community, and it’s FREE, on this episode of the podcast.




  • [0:04] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [1:23] How you can get involved with Scott on Periscope.
  • [2:24] Scott’s 10 day free course.
  • [2:55] A shout out to Nathan, a TAS community member.
  • [5:00] What is a product launch?
  • [6:40] Why reviews are so important to a product launch.
  • [12:17] Rich Kimball’s “test” to see if he’s found a good product.
  • [13:00] Small product promos followed by larger promos.
  • [16:36] The role Pay Per Click (PPC) plays in this strategy.
  • [18:20] The use of a small but powerful email list.
  • [21:41] The results of these tweaks.


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