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What are your current struggles in building your Amazon private label business? Do you have the resources you need in order to deal with those hurdles effectively? If you don’t, this is the episode for you. This is a Friday edition of the Amazing Seller, which means that it’s an “Ask Scott” episode. These are episodes where Scott fields question from Amazon sellers about the confusion and issues they are dealing with in their own Amazon business. This is a ‘real life’ episode where you will receive clear, thoughtful, powerful answers to help you with your Amazon business.

Amazon allows me to create “money off” offers on my products. Can I mention those in my product listing?

The Amazon promotions platform allows you to create all kinds of promotional offers on your private label products to motivate and drive sales. A listener today asks if there are any rules in the Amazon terms of service that say you cannot mention or point to those discount offers in within your product listing itself. Scott’s as honest as he can be in response to this question and gives his own guidelines in light of the fact that Amazon’s TOS are not all that clear on this issue. You can hear the voice of experience about this important issue on this episode.

When should I form a LLC for my business?

Amazon sellers need to learn to think of their activity on Amazon AS a business, not a hobby. Part of that means organizing yourself as a business entity. A listener today asks Scott how he can know when he’s reached the point to organize his company as a LLC. Do you know when is the right time? Today Scott is going to answer the question with a lot of options and a ton of resources that can help you make the best decision for your situation. Hear it all on this episode.

When my competition is all sourcing from the same China supplier. Should I differentiate my product or just use the same one?

Almost anyone can determine a profitable niche for their first private label product and get the product from a China supplier. In fact, that’s how most sellers on Amazon get their start. But what should you consider if all of the competition in a niche you’re considering are all doing that and obviously have the very same product from the same Chinese supplier? Scott’s got concerns about jumping into the fray with little to differentiate your product from the competition and he shares those concerns on this episode. If you’re considering a new product launch on Amazon, this response could save you lots of headaches in the future.

Would you like your own, 10-day private label action course for free?

If you would like to learn how to find a profitable private label products, research it for sales potential, find  a supplier for it, get your first order made, and get those products onto the Amazon sales platform, you’re in the right place. Scott’s got a free private label course that you can walk through at your own pace. For 10 days he’ll send you an email, each one containing a different step in the private label track to success. Listen to this episode of the podcast to find out how you can get your own free private label course, sent directly to your inbox.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [1:00] How you can connect with Scott on Periscope and Snapchat
  • [2:20] QUESTION ONE: I just set a “money off” offer - how much can I promote that within my listing?
  • [10:57] QUESTION TWO: When should I think about forming an LLC?
  • [15:39] QUESTION THREE: Most of my competition gets the product from the same supplier on Alibaba. Should I differentiate?
  • [26:03] How you can get your own free private label course.


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