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If you’re entirely new to the idea of private label sales, this is the perfect episode for you to hear. Today’s guest is a regular guy from Australia who began his private label journey from square one. David had no prior business experience, no understanding of how private label sales on Amazon work, and very little in terms of resources. When he found this podcast he was turned on to the idea right away and began making plans. In this conversation you were going to hear that David took it from square one all the way to 6 figures per month in less than a year. It's a testimony of how doable this business model is and how realistically a person with zero experience can create a very good living for themselves.

Can you do private label sales if you have no online business experience?

This episode answers the question with a resounding, “YES!” David story is one inexperienced moving toward experience through the process of learning. David read and listen to everything he could about private label sales on Amazon and started taking action. It was those actions that brought clarity and understanding which is now translated into a very healthy monthly income. Take the time to listen to this episode, you will discover so many nuggets of gold for your private label business, whether you are a newbie or have been doing Amazon private label sales for a very long time.

Keyword research tips you may never have considered.

As today's guests began his own journey into Amazon private label sales he began to learn a lot on his own about keyword research. Yes, he had read and listen to many tutorials and instructionals on the subject but I learned a lot simply by doing. On this episode David shares some of the insights and tips he has learned about doing effective keyword research and not all of them are things you commonly here. You'll get a lot of value from this episode so be sure you take the time to listen.

Do you know the “cash in/ cash out” equation?

If you're considering private label sales on the Amazon platform you need to be aware of the many things that will bite into your profit margin over time. David learn the hard way that there is much more that comes out of the gross income figures than he expected. Now he operates according to what he calls the “cash in / cash out” equation. it is a simple way that he calculates the amount of profit he is going to receive from any potential product as he sells it on Amazon. Sticking to the results of the equation helps David to stay in a place of maximum profit while avoiding the pitfall of overestimating his success. If that sounds a bit confusing, it won't have to listen to this episode so be sure you take the time.

Everyone wants to take the easy road, but it seldom leads to success.

You don't have to spend much time online in the various business communities before you realize there are many, many people who are trying to take the easy way to significant income.  today's guest, David, has made the observation that the easy road may look best at first, but it seldom leads to genuine success. Hard work is involved, even in private label sales on Amazon. David's philosophy is that if you can be the expert, you should be. Yes, it takes a lot of time and hard work, but it is entirely worth it. Find out how David has a apply this attitude to his own private label business on this episode.


  • [0:02] Scott’s introduction to the episode!
  • [1:20] An email from a TAS listener - 0 to $100K in less than a year.
  • [2:21] Could you share the podcast with someone?
  • [4:27] The interview with David begins.
  • [6:08] David had ZERO business or ecommerce experience prior to FBA.
  • [7:10] Why David became interested in Amazon private label sales.
  • [11:44] David’s path to multiple products.
  • [12:20] The addicting nature of doing well on Amazon.
  • [13:30] How David did his product research (Jungle Scout).
  • [15:12] The changes David made to his product to differentiate.
  • [16:15] Using the reviews of his competition to create the idea product.
  • [17:10] David’s initial sales goals and how he surpassed them.
  • [20:51] How David sources his products on Alibaba.
  • [21:49] Did David’s second product help the sales of the first product?
  • [23:00] David’s launch process: pricing, reviews, keywords, etc.
  • [27:03] How many units David gave away initially.
  • [28:33] David’s process for using Keyword Inspector to choose keywords.
  • [33:48] The “cash in / cash out” equation: what kind of margin do you need?
  • [38:15] Exploring opportunities as they present themselves.
  • [38:39] David’s crazy income goal for the future.
  • [39:51] The one piece of advice David gives to new sellers.
  • [46:14] Scott’s summary of the conversation.


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