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If you have been on the internet for any length of time you already know that the social media room can be one of the most overwhelming but effective ways of getting your content and products out there for people to see. On this episode of the podcast Scott is talking with an expert at social media about how to use it effectively to increase traffic to your website and product listings. Laura Roeder joins us today to share about her experience with social media and to give some great tips on how to advance your business using her tool for social media management.

The importance of having content to share.

Many people try to use social media as a bullhorn to blast out promotions and offers about their products. Well that can work to a small degree it is not the way social media actually works when done right. Social media is meant to be social, that means people building relationships with people. In order to do that in a way that is adding value to those natural conversations you need to have content to share that is both promotional and helpful at the same time. On this episode Scott's guest shares some great tips about how to create that topic surrounding a product or niche that you want to promote.

How to promote physical products on social media.

Every Amazon Seller wants to get their product in front of people who love that type of product or niche. But doing so is the tricky part. You don't want to blast your product in front of people repeatedly, they will turn you off if you do. But you also don't want to be shy about telling people about your great product when the timing is right. That balance can be very difficult to attain.  Scott decided to go out and find a social media expert who could help clear the air on this important subject and help you develop a game plan to promote your product the right way on social media. That's what this episode of the show is all about.

Build relationships with thought leaders in your niche if you want to gain traction.

By taking the social aspect of social media seriously, you can do a lot to promote and build your brand over time. And notice, it does take time. That's because relationships that are valuable and trusted take time to build, you can't just share your product with an influencer in your niche and expect them to share it right away. There needs to be a relationship that is foundational to that conversation. On this episode of the podcast Laura Roeder shares her insights into building those kinds of relationships with key people in your product in it so that you can build your business on the backs of those important personalities, and do it the right way.

A warning to those new to the private label arena.

If you are just getting started with private label sales on Amazon Scott has a very wise caution for you. The contents of this episode are likely not something you need to focus on right now. Your first step is to get a product onto the Amazon platform and use the tools that Amazon provides to get your sales going. That is the best way to verify whether the product you're selling is a good choice, and to start your business rolling in the right direction. Once you've done all of that, the social media tips on this episode may be relevant to what you are doing. So don't get overwhelmed thinking that you need to do everything on this episode. At this point, it may not apply to you at all.


  • [0:04] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [0:50] Introduction of today’s topic and today’s guest: Laura Roeder.
  • [2:44] iTunes reviews and love to share. How you can leave your review.
  • [4:54] Laura’s background in social media and online business.
  • [8:19] Overcoming the challenges of connecting with Amazon customers via social media.
  • [10:34] How should a seller go about building content around their products/niche?
  • [13:18] Why Pinterest is a great channel to use for physical product promotion.
  • [14:04] Instagram use for promoting physical products.
  • [16:41] How images impact Facebook and Twitter.
  • [17:06] Facebook fan pages: are they a good idea?
  • [20:27] Facebook videos and live feeds… how to use them.
  • [22:43] What should a brand new ecommerce seller on Amazon do regarding social media?
  • [26:31] How to find thought leaders in your niche on Twitter?
  • [28:21] How to manage your content and Laura’s software platform: Edgar.
  • [31:25] How the categories in Edgar work.
  • [33:40] How often should people be posting on social media?
  • [36:10] Tips about using the various social media platforms.
  • [38:07] How social media can be used to build an email list.
  • [40:10] Laura’s advice about getting started: just dive in.
  • [41:10] How to connect with Laura.
  • [42:16] Scott’s summary of the conversation.
  • [42:55] Scott’s warning to those just starting out on Amazon.
  • [44:20] Choosing social platforms where your customers hang out.
  • [45:30] How to get your free 10 day private label course.


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