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You have just landed on another episode of The Amazing seller where Scott is answering your questions about private label sales on Amazon. You can get your questions asked and answered on this special Friday episodes. Today's episode features 3 questions, one about product quality issues, another about a first product that is barely breaking even, and the final question about keeping procedures for Amazon private label sales. There's a ton to learn and lots of fun ahead so be sure you listen to this episode.

My first product is not the greatest quality. What should I do to address that?

A listener to the podcast called in with a question about product quality. He is making about 20 sales a day, which is great, but is getting a decent amount of product returns due to a quality issue. He wants to know if he should abandon the product all together, make some modifications, or something else. Scott's main concerns center around the returns and his advice aims toward improving the product to get past the return issues. You can hear how Scott advises going about it on this episode.

What should you do when your private label product barely breaks even?

Many first time private label sellers don't calculate in the various costs associated with selling their product on Amazon. Today's episode features a question by a listener about a product they are currently selling on Amazon but it is barely breaking even. Their questions centers around what they can do to increase their profit margin and salvage this product since it is making around 10 sales per day. What would you do? On this episode you get to hear the various areas that Scott what address if this were his product, so be sure to listen.

Keeping good financial records is a must. How is the best way to do it?

One of the biggest headaches for most private label sellers is the issue of keeping accurate records. Finances are important, including taxes and various fees and costs associated with running a successful business. On this episode a listener ask Scott for his advice about the various software packages that are available to help private label sellers keep track of their financial obligations. Scott recommends one that he uses regularly and mentions many others that he has heard good reports about. You can get all the information on this episode.

Would you like to have your private label questions answered?

These Friday sessions where Scott answers the questions of real life Amazon sellers are some ofe his favorites. If you have a question or an obstacle in your private label business that you seem unable to get past, why not ask Scott to help you think through the issue? You can get your questions answered by going to and leaving a voicemail with your question. Be sure to include your name so Scott can recognize you on the show!


  • [0:05] Scott’s introduction to this Ask Scott episode.
  • [1:05] How you can get in on some of Scott’s live events.
  • [2:40] How to ask your own questions.
  • [2:55] How to connect with Scott on Periscope.
  • [5:15] QUESTION ONE: How can I best address product quality problems?
  • [11:16] QUESTION TWO: Our first product is barely breaking even. How should we view that in terms of moving forward?
  • [22:39] QUESTION THREE: What bookkeeping apps are there that  integrate with Amazon?


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