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This one is no joke. Scott was able to get money from Amazon that was rightfully his, without selling a product. It has to do with product refunds and damaged products that Amazon has processed in the past, and he owes it all to Jacob, today’s guest. The cool thing about it is that today Jacob is going to give you the step by step process for getting the money that is due to your seller account and he’s going to show you how you can use his automated service to get those refunds credited to your account without you having to lift a finger. It sounds too good to be true but it’s not. You can find out the details on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Stumbling across a cash cow in his Amazon seller account.

Jacob sort of accidentally came across a situation in his refund reports that tipped him off to the fact that Amazon was holding some money that was due him in a suspension account. It was money that came as a result of customer refunds that were reconciled but Amazon had never given back to him. All it took was a simple inquiry to  Amazon’s seller support and Jacob was able to recover that money on the spot. The more he dug into his reports, the more money he discovered that Amazon had not credited to him properly. On this episode Jacob will show you how he discovered his “cash cow” and how you can use the same tactics to get money that is rightfully yours.

Have you checked out your Amazon Seller Refund Report?

Inside your seller account you can run all kinds of reports that show you the status of your sales, damaged products, refunds, and other variables that have to do with your products on Amazon. One of those is the “refund report.” It has to do with refunds that have been issued to your customers and the credits and debits to your account that correspond to those refunds. It may sound odd, but quite often you are credited money through the refund process and Amazon lists that money on your refund reports. By comparing that number with actual money you’ve been credited, you can find money that Amazon owes you but you’ve never received. Check out this episode to find out how you can get that money back immediately.

Inventory damage is another area where you might be owed some money by Amazon.

With any massive warehouse operation like Amazon you are going to eventually have some of your products damaged during handling. It’s part of how the business works. Amazon is usually very good about noting damage and giving you credit for it so that you don’t lose money because of their mistakes. But you don’t always actually receive that money, even though Amazon has noted the damage. On this episode Scott’s guest is going to show you how to investigate damaged products to discover if you’re owed money from Amazon. You’ll want to listen so you can get the cash you’re owed.

A software product that retrieves the cash from your Amazon Seller account automatically.

As Jacob’s Amazon business became larger and his sales grew, he was having more and more situations where his refunds from Amazon were not being processed in a way that credited his account. The time it was taking to stay on top of those important issues was mounting - so he decided to work out an automated system to search his refunds for him. Now he’s taken that system into a commercial software application that you can use to get back your own refunds from Amazon - and it will only cost you pennies on the dollar. Listen to Scott’s chat with Jacob today to find out how you can use this great software to get your cash from Amazon, and be sure to use the special TAS coupon code to get your discount.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this podcast episode!
  • [2:13] How Jacob and Scott got connected and what Jacob has discovered.
  • [3:20] How is it that Amazon keeps some of your money without you knowing it.
  • [4:34] The average scenario where Amazon may have some of your money.
  • [5:54] The first step to getting your money back - the refund report.
  • [7:53] How to find the reports you need in order to check for money due you.
  • [9:33] Issues regarding inventory damage.
  • [12:48] How Jacob came up with a software solution to researching these issues.
  • [15:31] The slow and steady process of recovering money you are due.
  • [17:32] Some of the features of the software that Scott appreciates.
  • [18:55] How Jacob’s tool literally costs you nothing.
  • [20:54] What is the feedback sentry and how does it work?
  • [23:29] How you can get Jacob’s software product.
  • [25:51] Scott’s summary of the episode and how it’s worked for him to date.


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