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It’s time to crank up the volume and get your own personal coaching for your Amazon FBA private label business. You’re going to hear real life questions from real life private label sellers who have hit a roadblock in their business. Scott Voelker is going to answer those questions from his own experience and from the things he’s learned helping Amazon sellers get their problems addressed. If you want to ask your own question, you can do that just like the listeners on this episode by going to - state your name, and ask your question!

Once I start ordering my products, how do I get my logo and branding on the packaging?

A listener today is about ready to order his first bulk shipment of products from a supplier. He’s curious how to go about putting branding of various kinds, UPC codes, and other identifying markings on his packaging. Does the supplier do that? Does he have to do it himself? On this episode Scott’s going to answer this question by walking through the variety of ways these issues can be addressed and the pros and cons to each one. Be sure you listen so you can know the options for packaging and branding on your products.

My product lends itself to variations and individual listings. How do I choose which to do?

There are many kinds of products that could possibly be listed as a “variation” of the original product. A great example is a garlic press that can come in different colors, or styles, or materials. They are all garlic presses, but have varying qualities that make them slightly different. When you have variations in a product you can list those variations on one product listing But even in that situation, it’s possible to list those products individually in their own listings. What are the benefits of each approach? Scott’s got the answer for you on this episode.

A listener has a few negative reviews about his products. What should he do?

No matter how good the quality of your products are, you’re eventually going to run into a situation where someone leaves a negative review. Maybe something broke during shipping, or there was a cosmetic issue with that individual product that was shipped to the customer. Is there a way that you can deal with negative reviews to mitigate their effect on your sales and brand? On this episode Scott fills you in on what he does when negative reviews come in and how he uses a software solution to make it happen. You can even get a discounted version of the software by using Scott’s affiliate link - available on this episode.

Free Private Label workshop! Do you want in?

If you’d like to know the 5 step process that Scott Voelker uses every time he introduces a new product to the Amazon marketplace, you’ll want to get in on his next free private label workshop. There’s nothing for sale, just a lot of great information to share to help you get your first private label product off the ground. Scott will walk you through those 5 steps and answer your questions live during the workshop, so head to the links on this show notes page and get yourself registered for the next private label workshop!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the episode!
  • [0:54] How you can submit one of your questions.
  • [3:36] QUESTION ONE: When I first start working with a sourcing company, what happens next? How do my UPC codes get on the packaging?
  • [10:21] QUESTION TWO: I’m trying to understand the pros and cons of using variations VS using individual listings for each.
  • [17:03] QUESTION THREE: How do you deal with negative product reviews?


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