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If you’ve not experienced the frustration of a well selected private label product that simply won’t sell yet, you probably will in time. When a product won’t sell but it looks like the market is a pretty good niche to be in, there are usually some fundamental things wrong with the product listing itself. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott Voelker and his friend Chris Schaeffer look over a real life product listing of a product that’s having those exact problems and true to form, the listing itself is much of the problem. You can hear all the details on this episode of the podcast.

How beneficial would it be to have an experienced seller tweak your private label product listing on Amazon?

That’s exactly what you get from these Hot Seat sessions of the Amazing Seller podcast. Scott Voelker and Chris Schaeffer take their time walking through the fundamental and advanced steps to optimizing product listings of private label products that have been submitted for help. They normally find a little bit of both and help struggling Amazon sellers get over the hurdles so they can begin selling their products more consistently. There’s not a regular schedule to these hot seat sessions so you should subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss them, and hear how Scott and Chris advise today’s seller on this episode.

Is the market of your private label product a good market to be in?

How can you know if a potential private label product is one you should take a chance on or one you should leave alone? The best way is to research the broader market that product is in and the current sales of that particular product or things that are similar. By using some simple software tools (many of them free) you can discover exactly what the market for that product is like and whether there is enough room in it for your product to push in and grab some of the sales. Scott and Chris chat about the details of doing that and a whole lot more on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


Quality, clear product images are vital to a good product listing.

The product listing that Scott and Chris are looking at today has one major problem that both of them notice immediately; the images do not possess the quality and clarity of any of the other products in their niche. It’s the main reason Scott and Chris believe this product listing has only gotten one organic sale so far. You can hear what they recommend to upgrade the images and how they’ve seen an improvement of the images change the sales of a product dramatically, on this episode. But that’s not all. There are other suggestions for this seller that Scott and Chris make so be sure you take the time to listen. What they share could be the key to YOUR private label product getting even more sales.

Don’t start your exact match PPC campaigns too soon.

As Scott and Chris look over an actual private label listing on Amazon on today’s episode they notice that the seller is already running an exact match PPC campaign, and both of them feel that he’s probably wasting his money. Why? Because he’s not taken the time needed in order to truly understand what his exact match keywords should be. It takes weeks and sometimes months of broad match campaigns to receive enough data to show exactly what keywords are most used when finding your products, and then it takes some time to discover where the actual clicks and sales are coming from within those keywords. Only when those milestones have been crossed you might be ready for an exact match campaign. Find out more on this episode.


  • [0:04] Scott’s introduction to this episode and his friend Chris Schaeffer.
  • [4:40] The scenario Scott and Chris are addressing today.
  • [5:17] The importance of the data in evaluating sales problems.
  • [6:30] A look at the stats on this product.
  • [8:35] Sorting by estimated sales to get a different view.
  • [12:19] Why the review counts don’t scare Scott or Chris.
  • [13:20] The concern of the niche being dominated by one brand.
  • [14:40] The importance of quality, clear images for clicks and product sales.
  • [22:12] Optimizing the title for better keywords and description.
  • [27:58] Optimizing the backend of the listing including keywords.
  • [31:13] Pay per click considerations for a poor selling product.
  • [40:37] Looking at the numbers of the competition for the sake of giveaway planning.
  • [44:09] Considerations for the future of this product to research more sales.
  • [46:12] A quick summary of what needs to be fixed on this episode.
  • [46:55] How to use the data from CamelCamelCamel to research competition and make sales projections..
  • [53:00] Bundle possibilities for this product listing.
  • [55:34] Why you need to model what’s working in your market.


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