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When was the last time you sat down to pick the brain of someone who is experienced at what you’re learning? It’s always a great experience where you get to learn what you don’t know. That’s the flavor of what happens on these Friday episodes of the Amazing Seller podcast. Scott answers questions that are submitted via voicemail to give you an idea of how he thinks about the challenges and obstacles that you come across when selling private label products on Amazon. Today’s episode includes questions about saturated markets, international sales, keyword usage, and more. Be sure you take some time to listen to this one. You’ll get lots of great insights from Scott’s responses.

I know a certain market very well, but it’s extremely saturated. Should I jump in?

Here’s a very interesting question about choosing a market: A listener has been working in a particular market outside of Amazon for some time and feels that he knows a lot about it already. But the market on Amazon is incredibly crowded and he’s not sure if he should take the risk of putting a product onto Amazon in that market. Scott’s got some ideas about how he could do it that may not be typical. It’s likely that you’re going to get your wheels turning about your own products after hearing the answers Scott gives to this great question - so be sure you listen.

My product sales are going quite well. I’m curious if I should expand my product to Canada or the UK.

On today's episode, a listener asked about expanding her product line into sales platforms outside of the United States. She is getting an average of 20 sales per day and thinks that expanding into Canada or the UK may be a good step for her at this time. Scott has some great insights into what it would take to become successful in other countries and gives her some tips on what to look for as indications that she could be successful doing so. If you've never sold your products in countries other than the United States you will want to hear what God has to say to this listener.

How should I best use the keywords and search terms in the Amazon backend?

One of the many confusing things about the Amazon platform has to do with the use of keywords and Search terms in the back-end of the Amazon seller account. There have been quite a few theories and opinions shared about how to best use those fields for the best results. On this episode, a listener asks about how those fields should be used and Scott gives an answer that covers all the bases. If you've ever been confused about the search term fields in your Amazon seller account, this is a response you will want to hear.

Scott got to appear on Pat Flynn’s show, Smart Passive Income!

It's not often that your success is noticed by people who are further along the path than you are. But that happened just this past month when Pat Flynn reached out to Scott to ask him to submit a response for one of his podcast episodes. It was a great honor and Scott was excited to condense some of his hard-learned business lessons into a short sound byte for Pat’s podcast. You can find out how to hear Scott's responses to Pat’s question by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [1:31] How you can ask your own question.
  • [2:42] Scott’s appearance on Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn.
  • [5:00] QUESTION ONE: I’m looking at a very saturated market that I know well - when should I jump in and when should I run?
  • [12:20] QUESTION TWO: I’m curious as to when I should expand my products into other countries (Canada and the UK).
  • [18:55] QUESTION THREE: I’d love to get an overview from you about how to use the keywords and search terms in the Amazon backend.
  • [24:57] QUESTION FOUR: I’ve got a lot of questions from inconsistent sales to reordering products. Can you help?


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