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Today’s conversation is one that should give anyone considering Amazon private label sales hope that they can be successful. Jarret Colton is a guy who went to Scott’s LIVE event in 2016 with his head spinning. He’d listened to almost every TAS podcast episode and knew a lot of information, but it was all a grable in his head. Once he was able to talk with other sellers who had seen success and glean a lot of tips from the speakers at the event, he took action - and that action translated into incredible sales. You can hear how Jarret did it, on this episode.

We sometimes overthink these things and need to go back to basics.

Jarret is an example of a person who got his head crammed full of information and began to overthink things. There are too many things you CAN do to attempt to make your private label products sell, but there are not a lot of things you SHOULD do at first. So the back to basics mindset that Scott talks about on this episode is the prescription for many people. Be sure to listen to Jarret’s story so you can be inspired by what’s happened in his business - and get some ideas about what you can do to move your sales forward.

What is YOUR next move?

Every person who has placed a product on the Amazon sales platform has a next move that they need to take. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling lots of products or very few. You have something you can do to move your product sales forward. On this episode you’ll hear how Jarret made the decision to shut off all the noise and information that was clogging up his mind and simplified his process so he could simply do the next thing. You may be in the same place Jarret was - so be sure to hear how he got himself taking action on the right things.

The power of professional product photos.

One of the most important things that Jarret and his wife decided to invest in was professional photos for their product. He knew that once a person searches for his products he had to have some way to catch their eye and get them to click on his listing instead of the listing from his competition. The photos were exactly what did it for him. You can hear how Jarret found his photographer, the difference the professional photos made, and how he uses them within his listing, on this episode.

4 of his main products appear on page 1. Wow.

After applying the tips and strategies that he learned at the TAS LIVE Breakthrough event, Jarret was able to increase the search ranking of his product listings. In fact, he was so successful at optimizing his listing that he’s now got 4 out of 6 of his main “parent” products showing on page 1 for their primary keyword. You should take the time to hear Jarret’s story. It’s inspiring and instructional for anyone who’s looking to rank their listing higher and get more product sales.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to his next guest, Jarret Colton.
  • [3:12] Jarret’s experience before jumping into Scott’s live event.
  • [8:14] Why Jarret attended Scott’s live event in Denver in 2015.
  • [11:35] The mess Jarret was facing with all the products his wife ordered.
  • [14:12] Where Jarret found the photographer for his product images.
  • [15:30] Jarret’s game plan and what actually happened.
  • [17:11] Spending time figuring how to solve people’s problems.
  • [19:57] Jarret’s beginning goals and the competition he was facing.
  • [25:23] Jarret did not conduct any giveaways.
  • [34:10] The next steps for Jarret and his wife in the business.
  • [37:40] Why Jarret wants everyone interested in private label to take action.


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