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If you have questions about Amazon private label sales one of the best things that could happen for you is to be given the opportunity to ask an experienced Amazon seller the specific questions you have. That’s what you get on this episode of The Amazing Seller. These Friday episodes are “Ask Scott” sessions where Scott Voelker answers questions listeners submit, in detail, and completely. No half-measures here. You’ll be benefitted by what you hear others going through and what Scott has to say to advise them. Be sure you take some time to listen.


How do review groups work and is there a way I can pay Amazon fewer fees on promotions?


When you do a promotion or giveaway to get your products noticed or reviewed, there are costs you still have to pay Amazon for the privilege of using their platform. It’s just a cost of doing business. Among the misconceptions is that people feel like since they’re giving away a product, they shouldn’t have to pay fees. But any brand new business needs to make sure they let others know they exist - and that’s called marketing. It’s an expense of any business. You can hear how Scott addresses reviews, discounts, and giveaways and the fees involved, on this episode.


How to list a product on Amazon that is already there under a brand name.


A listener just purchased a company that owns a patented product and some of his existing distributors have the product available on Amazon. He’s curious if he should set up his own brand listing or if there is a way to combine their listings with his since it’s his product. Scott’s got a very helpful, clarifying answer to situations like this on this episode. Make sure you listen to this response because there are multiple applications of this concept to product sales on Amazon.


How soon should I start building an email list for my products or brand?


A listener today has heard Scott talk about the importance of building an email list but he’s a bit confused about why it’s important for a beginning private label seller, whether it’s worth his efforts, and how he should go about it when he begins using it. There are some great questions there. Is it really necessary for a new seller to begin creating an email list from the beginning? You can hear Scott’s in-depth response to this important question on this episode. He even tells you how to go about getting people to opt-in to your email list.


How would it benefit you to be in a room with experienced Amazon sellers to get their feedback on your products?


What benefit would you receive to sit with 20 to 30 experienced Amazon sellers as they analyze and give feedback about your product listings to help you optimize them for more sales? How would it benefit you to sit in the room as the same thing is done for others? You can probably see that you’d get a ton of value from seeing through the eyes of other sellers. The good news is that you can do this coming up November of 2017 at Scott’s live TAS event in Phoenix, Arizona. Listen to this episode to get details about how you can be a part of this business-changing event.



  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this Ask Scott session of the podcast!
  • [1:29] The upcoming LIVE event in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • [4:22] The TAS Power Hour - How you can get involved.
  • [5:38] QUESTION ONE: I have a question about promotions and giveaways - how does Amazon charge for those and can I minimize those fees?
  • [14:07] QUESTION TWO: I just bought a business that has its products listed on Amazon through distributors but I want to add them myself through FBA. What’s the best way to do that?
  • [22:26] QUESTION THREE: I’m trying to understand the purpose of establishing an email list. Can you help me understand why I should devote energy to it?




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