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There’s been a lot of talk going on lately about whether or not Amazon is still a good or viable way for people to create an online business. Some people feel that crowded product markets and Amazon’s ability to change the selling platform at any time make it an uphill battle at best. Others feel there’s still lots of opportunity for new sellers and existing sellers alike. On this episode, Scott talks with his friend Jeff Cohen, a man whose company is neck-deep in Amazon related issues. He’s got lots of insight into what’s going on within the inner workings of Amazon and what it takes to build a new product on the Amazon platform successfully. You will get TONS of value from what Jeff has to share, so be sure you listen.

There is still lots of optimism surrounding product sales on Amazon.

When Scott asked Jeff Cohen whether or not he feels Amazon is still a viable place for new sellers to get started with an online business, Jeff said that he’s still seeing lots of optimism when it comes to selling products on Amazon. He thinks the key is to learn how to minimize risk - which is what Amazon is doing with their ongoing policy changes - and work successfully within the rules that Amazon establishes. In his mind, the benefits of selling on Amazon far outweigh the negatives. You can hear Jeff’s view on this episode.

Why Amazon private label is not a plug-and-play business.

There are many people who have started a business on Amazon with the false belief that it’s a plug-and-play type of business. That means they think that putting their product on the Amazon platform will enable them to rake in the money without having to do much to keep the business running. Jeff Cohen says that Amazon businesses are no different than a regular brick and mortar shop in that business owners have to continually be tweaking, adapting, pivoting, and working to build a more successful business than they had the day before. You can hear how Jeff suggests Amazon sellers do that, on this episode.

As your Amazon business grows you must learn to reduce your risk.

There are many places in the product cycle where risk is part of the game. But as a business owner you have got to learn how to reduce your risks at every point you can. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Jeff Cohen and Scott Voelker chat about what it means to run a true business as a private label seller, working hard to make your processes and products more successful as you go. You will learn a lot from Jeff’s insights as he works behind the scenes for Amazon sellers who use his software products.

Any Amazon business that’s focused on the customer is going to win.

The focus of your efforts promoting and marketing your Amazon private label products should not be about the money. Your focus should be about your customers. If you keep your eyes on what will make your products a better value to your customers you won’t go wrong. Jeff Cohen mentions this powerful point as he emphasizes the importance of working WITH the Amazon terms of service instead of trying to game them to your own advantage. You can hear his insights into how you can do that in this episode.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this interview session of the podcast!
  • [3:18] Jeff’s background online and with Amazon sales.
  • [5:05] Why there is still a ton of optimism surrounding Amazon sales.
  • [11:57] Two thoughts about the danger/concern of having all your eggs in one basket.
  • [20:06] A big mistake many Amazon sellers make when it comes to quality and safety.
  • [24:50] What does the review policy change mean for sellers going forward?
  • [38:24] Scott’s theory about the safest way to follow up with discounted customers.
  • [47:30] Patience in light of Amazon’s unintended consequences.
  • [53:33] Jeff’s best advice: Don’t be scared by fear, uncertainty, and doubt.



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