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When Amazon changed its policy concerning discounts given in exchange for product reviews the private label sales community exploded. People panicked, bailed out of Amazon, and encouraged others to do the same. But much of it was an overreaction. The companies and sellers who were doing well long before the policy changes adjusted their strategies and continued making a killing selling their products on Amazon. One of the people who was dramatically impacted by the change was Greg Mercer. His company, Review Kick had to entirely rebrand and change its business model but is still viable and running effectively. Today Scott is chatting with Greg about the things he’s learned from the changes and how he sees Amazon handling the issues it affects.

What did Amazon’s attorneys have to say about the review policy changes?

One of the opportunities Greg Mercer had when the Amazon terms of service changed - no longer allowing discounts in exchange for product reviews - was to speak personally with attorneys from Amazon’s legal team to understand the particulars of what the changes mean on a practical level. Today Greg shares what he learned from his conversation with the Amazon legal team and how he understands the terms of service now that they’ve changed. You won’t want to miss what Greg has to share. It could save you a bunch of headaches in the future.

Why private label sales on Amazon is an even better opportunity.

When Scott asked his friend Greg Mercer if he still thinks Amazon private label sales is a good opportunity for those who want to start their own online business, Greg said that he believes it’s an even better opportunity than before. He thinks that Amazon’s penchant for changing the rules periodically has scared off those who are unwilling to work hard - those only looking for an easy buck. That leaves more room for those who understand what it takes to build a successful business and are willing to put in the effort. You can hear the ways Greg thinks the recent review policy changes will improve the ability to sell on Amazon on this episode.

How the policy changes at Amazon impacted a business built on Amazon reviews.

Greg Mercer is the head of a company called Review Kick. The focus of the company was to help Amazon sellers get more reviews - and they did so by helping sellers effectively promote discounts in exchange for a review. But Amazon’s terms of service recently changed and that practice is no longer allowed. As you can imagine, it was potentially devastating news for Greg and his team. But rather than throw in the towel they decided to pivot and make their business better than ever, even creating an avenue to expand their user base outside of Amazon sellers. You can hear how Review Kick became Jump Send, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

How you can effectively use deal sites to promote your products.

One of the concerns about Amazon’s changes to its review policy is that any discount offer sellers make might prohibit those discounted customers from being able to leave a review. But Greg Mercer doesn’t think that’s the case. In fact, he’s done a few product promotions on his own since the changes went into effect and has seen reviews of those discounted products post on Amazon. On this episode, Greg gives you his take on what the Amazon legal team says about the new policy changes and tells you how he’s used deal sites like JumpSend to promote his own products.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast and his guest, Greg Mercer!
  • [2:36] Why Scott invited Greg onto the show again so soon.
  • [3:53] Greg’s perspective of the day Amazon announced their review changes.
  • [5:30] Why Greg believes Amazon private label is still a great opportunity.
  • [7:40] Revealing conversations Greg has recently had with attorneys from Amazon.
  • [14:20] Do purchases made with discounts limit the purchaser’s ability to review?
  • [19:48] Changes to Greg’s service - Review Kick as a result.
  • [22:40] The best uses of deal sites like JumpSend - and will Amazon target them?
  • [28:09] How Greg is retraining his current subscribers to abide by Amazon policies.
  • [31:28] The future of Amazon from Greg’s perspective.


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