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It’s almost every week that somebody says Amazon is too crowded for anyone to build a successful business selling private label products. But this episode should prove to you that those are entirely false beliefs. This episode features a couple who started out selling products via retail arbitrage but soon transitioned into wholesale products from China that turned into a successful business. It wasn’t overnight and it took a lot of hard work and smart product research but this couple has done it. You can hear every step of their process and the things they’ve done to keep the ball rolling on this episode.

How to get past the discouragement to become successful selling on Amazon.

In any business, you’ve got to understand that discouragements are going to come. So what can you do to prepare yourself for the discouraging times? How can you set your mind in such a way that you’re more likely to press forward than give up? One of the most important things you can do is to find yourself an encouragement partner. That could be a person who is committed to cheering you on during the difficult times, or it could be an actual business partner like the couple featured on this episode. They have found that when one of them is down the other is able to encourage so they keep moving forward together. What’s your strategy for staying encouraged? Find out how it works for this couple, on this episode.

Did you know that you can be rid of Amazon product hijackers once and for all?

One of the best things that has happened on the Amazon platform in a very long time is that the powers that be at the Big A have added a new perk to the benefits of brand registering your products. Once you have a brand approved on Amazon it is now impossible for anyone else to begin listing products under your product listings unless they first ask your approval to do so. That is an incredible benefit to private label sellers, virtually eliminating the possibility of hijackers taking over your listing. On this episode Scott and his guests talk about the safety and power of this new ruling, so be sure you listen.

Product research criteria #1: Less than 100 product reviews in all of the top 10 listings.

When Scott asked this amazing couple what they were looking for when it came to product ideas one of the things they said is a non-negotiable for them is that every one of the top 10 products in any niche they consider must have less than 100 reviews. If you’ve been researching product ideas on Amazon for any length of time that may sound impossible to you but this couple says they find products that fall within that criteria almost every week. You can hear how they are finding them and the tools that make their search easy, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

How poorly optimized Amazon product listing are something you can use to your advantage.

When you’re checking out the listings of the competition in a niche where you are considering a possible product launch one of the things you need to look at carefully is how well the competitor’s product listings are optimized. If you find low-resolution pictures or a small number of pictures that’s a sign that you might be able to quickly capture the sales in that category by optimizing your own listing much better than theirs. That’s just one of the product research tips given on this episode by a couple who’s become very successful at selling private label products without resorting to PPC or giveaways. Find out more by listening.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this great interview edition of the podcast!
  • [1:45] The importance of having support in your business journey.
  • [6:20] The backstory behind this amazing success.
  • [12:40] Pressing forward in spite of the discouragement.
  • [17:31] The idea that sparked interest and the product research process that followed.
  • [22:40] Hijacker problems and how they dealt with the threat.
  • [26:59] The new benefits of brand registry some are experiencing.
  • [31:53] Future product ideas the path ahead.
  • [33:29] The product research criteria this couple is using and how they apply it.
  • [40:24] How the product listings are being optimized.
  • [53:50] The price point these products hit.
  • [47:55] Moving from non-branded to branded products.
  • [50:58] Tips to those who are skeptical about whether Amazon will work these days.


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