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Today’s topic on The Amazing Seller is not all that appealing at first glance. It’s the issue of figuring out exactly who your target market is - your ideal customer - and how to speak the language they actually use in real life so that you can relate better to them and increase your conversions. For this episode, Scott has asked Josh Bauer to come on the show because he’s got tons of experience in this area and has been working to hone his skills in customer messaging to amplify his impact and sales. You won’t want to miss this because the results that can come from a few small tweaks can be powerful for sales conversions. Be sure to listen!

The #1 way you are wasting your marketing money.

Everybody who is selling products online - whether private label products or some other channel - understands that marketing is what keeps the wheels of the machine rolling. But you can’t just shoot out marketing messages and expect people to buy your products. You’ve got to produce marketing messages that connect with real people in real life. When you do that well you are showing a real person on the other end of your message that you care about them and that you can provide the perfect solution to their problem or need. Josh Bauer has learned how to craft his marketing messages to truly connect with the person on the other side of the message - and he shares his top 5 tips on this episode.

Why you’ve got to use the features of your product to highlight the benefits.

When you’re setting up a product listing inside the Amazon dashboard you have the opportunity to set up bullet points to highlight the features of your product. It’s important to list the features because they are a finer point of the things that make your product unique. But you’ve got to learn not to major on the features but instead focus on the benefits the end user will receive from using the features. The people who are purchasing your product need to understand what they are going to get from using your product and each feature needs to be tied into that basic human need to benefit personally. Find out more about how to do this like a pro, on this episode.

Here’s why you have to understand your customer’s journey to increase sales.

There’s more to marketing your products than simply putting out your message and receiving the sale. You’ve got to understand that your customers are on a journey of sorts, a progression from recognition of their need all the way beyond making a purchase to meet that need - into a relationship with the person who helps them meet it (you). On this episode Scott and his guest Josh are chatting about how important it is for you to understand your customer’s buying journey and how you can create marketing messages that not only take it into account but go beyond that to utilize it to help them see the benefits your products will provide and lead them along on that buying journey into relationship with you.

How to use the knowledge that extroverts are led by excitement and introverts are led by security.

There are two types of people in the world in terms of how they relate to others - introverts and extroverts. At risk of being too simplistic, you can use those two personality types to your advantage when it comes to selling your products. Extroverts are led toward a decision, many times, by excitement. Introverts, on the other hand, are led to a decision oftentimes through their desire for safety. Listen to this episode to better understand how your use of those motivations can help you position your products and marketing messages to tap into those underlying needs and gain more sales and customer relationships as a result.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this podcast for connecting better with your customer, and Scott’s guest Joel Bauer.
  • [2:25] Josh’s start in real estate and how he got into online sales.
  • [6:48] How Scott has learned from Josh and the rest of the people on his team.
  • [8:05] The power of creating copy (writing) that connects to real people.
  • [13:33] The difference between features and benefits and why it’s important to understand.
  • [19:10] The vital nature of understanding your customer’s journey toward a purchase.
  • [33:00] Understanding personality profiling: extrovert VS introvert.
  • [42:50] Adding personality to your product through your emails - it’s powerful!
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