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It’s episode 300 of the Amazing Seller podcast and it’s been an amazing ride! To commemorate the journey Scott has asked his good friend Chris Shaffer to come on as the HOST of this episode to help Scott walk through his own journey so that you can see that there’s nothing special about how Scott has gotten to where he is except for one thing - and it’s the thing that you hear Scott say episode after episode of this podcast - he’s TAKEN ACTION!

How Scott Voelker learned that he didn’t want to work a 9 to 5 job.

Scott Voelker has had his share of 9 to 5 jobs, “working for the man.” Right out of school he worked for a local cable company, connecting and disconnecting cable TV, climbing poles, etc. He’s worked as a supervisor or foreman in his Dad’s construction business, and he’s also run his own photography business. Scott decided through that journey that he didn’t like putting in a load of hard work to advance someone else’s business when he wasn’t being compensated for the amount of quality work he was putting in. You can hear how he made the transition from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur, on this 300th episode of The Amazing Seller.

Why you can overcome any obstacle if you are determined to do it.

One of the overriding principles you’ll hear on this episode that recounts Scott’s journey from 9 to 5 employee to full-time entrepreneur is that he was willing to do the work needed to overcome the obstacles that blocked the path to success. Scott is convinced that if you set a goal and are determined to reach it, nothing can stop you. You may have to stop for a bit to learn a new skill or to find someone to help you, but you won’t be stopped for good if you think in terms of possibilities instead of obstacles. Scott’s journey is an inspiring example of how it works so be sure you take the time to listen!

An important question for any endeavor: What’s the worst that could happen?

As Scott has worked toward building his own online sales and training business he’s discovered that one of his greatest assets has been his wife. At many points along the road he’s been hesitant to step into something new, including the start of the Amazing Seller Podcast. But his wife was always there behind the scenes encouraging him to give it a try. One of the things she said to him repeatedly which you can take as a great tool for your progress is this: What’s the worst that can happen? When you can answer that question you’ll see that it’s usually not as bad as you think and not as difficult to press ahead as you imagined.

I knew if I could help enough people - eventually, I’d be compensated for it.

In this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott was asked by his friend Chris what his plan was for the monetization of his podcast when he first began. Scott said that he didn’t worry about that at first because he knew that the old Zig Ziglar quote was true - if he helped enough people get what they wanted, he would eventually get what he wanted - which did include a certain amount of compensation. It’s proven exactly true and Scott says to this day that it’s his greatest joy to see people apply what he teaches them and then go out to rock their own Amazon or eCommerce business. You can hear Scott’s story on this amazing episode of The Amazing Seller.


  • [0:14] Chris’ introduction to Scott’s show!
  • [1:33] The things Scott did before Amazon - cable to construction to photography.
  • [9:44] How Scott gets past the fear of starting something new.
  • [17:51] Learning to deal with people and problems along the way.
  • [26:00] The first experiences selling products online and the path to Amazon.
  • [39:56] Should you choose to go all-in or part-time? Don’t let the fear stop you.
  • [44:08] Where the idea for a podcast came from and how it has progressed.
  • [51:03] Where Scott sees the TAS movement going.
  • [1:01:58] Why Scott continues to help people when he could only do his thing.
  • [1:04:16] The importance of relationships you build on the journey.


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