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The new year is a great time to do some planning for what’s ahead, to set goals for yourself and your business to make sure you are able to accomplish the most you can. But it’s not only reserved for the new year, you should do planning and goal setting anytime you notice the need. On this episode, Scott walks through his own planning process for setting goals and accomplishing them. His process involves asking the right questions, planning backward, and pushing himself to go a bit farther than he thinks he can. You’ll benefit from hearing what Scott does so grab your notepad and pencil and take some great notes!

If you’re going to accomplish what you want, you’ve got to plan to do it.

One of the things Scott has noticed is that many people have wishes or hopes for what their life could be like, but very few people actually take the steps needed to ensure that their hopes become reality. It doesn’t make sense but it’s true. If you want to accomplish something you’ve got to be willing to create a plan for achieving it - and then you’ve got to be willing to take steps to make it happen. On this episode, Scott’s walking through his personal planning process as an example for you to follow in creating your own goals and planning to achieve them.

The goals you shoot for depend on the questions you ask yourself.

It’s very important in any business to create goals, but the success you have in developing the right goals depends on the KINDS of questions you ask yourself - and the WAY the questions are phrased make a lot of difference. On this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast, Scott is going to show you how the right questions can lead to bigger goals and a more spectacular accomplishment of them. You won’t want to miss this simple but powerful tweak that can help you set and attain the goals you really want.

Backward planning is the best way to ensure that you’re going to get to your goals.

Once you’ve got your goals in place - once you can clearly see what you want to attain - you’ve got to devise a very clear plan of action for how you will accomplish those goals. The best way Scott has found to do this is to start with the goal itself and work backward. Take one step back, just prior to accomplishing the finished goal and clearly outline what that place will look like. Then take one step backward from there and do the same thing. Keep going until you get all the way back to where you currently are. What you have before you at that point is a clear action plan that will take you step by step to your goal. Now it’s time to get busy by applying it to a timeline. Find out how Scott does it on this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast.

Why you need to create a 3-year vision for what you want your business to look like.

Do know really know what you’re headed towards? It’s not just about monetary goals and business success - it’s about the KIND of company you want to run, the types of relationships you want to have, the quality of life that you want your family to enjoy, and more. On this episode of the podcast, Scott highlights the importance of having a 3-year vision for where you are headed and why it can be a powerful catalyst for your forward motion and the accomplishment of your goals. You should take the time to listen. You’ll have a bigger vision and a more exciting motivation to reach your goals if you do.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast about vision and planning!
  • [4:21] The tools you’ll need to create your vision and action plan.
  • [7:00] Getting started by asking the right questions to discover your goals.
  • [13:47] Ask yourself specific questions about your goals.
  • [15:30] Working backwards from your goals to create your plan.
  • [20:00] Use a calendar to create your 90 day plan and 30 day sprints.
  • [25:25] Create a 3 year vision for your company and life.


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