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So many people make excuses for why they can’t get started in private label or e-commerce sales. And one of the BIGGEST excuses you hear has to do with not having enough money. Scott is taking that excuse away today by giving you 5 ways you can make your first $500 in the next week. Seriously. It may sound kind of hype-y to say that but it’s true. Scott’s walking you through each step of his "find it - sell it"

process so you can get rid of the money excuse. Are you ready to take action? You’d better be if you listen to this episode.

Afraid of launching a DUD product? Stop making excuses!

It’s hard to do product research that's effective. You want a product that will easily sell once you get it established on Amazon or another online platform. But many people use that difficulty as an excuse for why they are not getting started. As Scott says all the time - JUST START! You won’t make any progress if you don’t get rolling. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott is going to show you how you can take a fairly simple (not easy) action step to get yourself going - and the good part of this one is that it brings almost instant cash to you that will give you the motivation to keep going. You need to listen to this one!

It takes ZERO money to make your first $500 in one week.

If you REALLY want to get going in an online business you’re going to need money. No question. But there are ways you can make money from the junk you have lying around your house and create your own startup cash. This episode is focused on that approach to getting your business started. It’s simple, takes some work, but is something anyone can do. Scott’s walking you through the steps you have to take to make it happen on this episode.

You can do a DEEP DIVE house cleaning to find stuff that will make you money today!

OK, say you’re not a clean-freak. That’s GREAT when it comes to what Scott is talking about on this episode. He’s going to walk you through a deep-clean process you can do in your house that will actually generate some cash for you, so you can get moving on an online business with the money you earn. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It works. Scott has seen it happen in his own life and with many others he’s advised through the years. You can find out how Scott would do it if he were in your shoes, on this episode.

Do you want some help getting your business started? You need the 1K Fast Track!

One of the things Scott has been experimenting with lately alongside his buddy Dom Sugar is a program that can help YOU make the money you need to start your business. It’s called the 1K Fast Track and it’s open now for 50 people. ONLY 50. So if you want into this pilot program that will show you how to make money quickly to support a larger scale business, this is the program for you. Find out how you can get into the program on this episode.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [4:54] Opening the 1K Fast Track group - get in now!
  • [6:47] Step #1: Stop making excuses!
  • [9:00] Step #2: Do a deep dive clean to find things you can sell.
  • [11:05] Step #3: Go to eBay to check prices and the SOLD listings in particular.
  • [20:13] The downfall of this model: You have to ship the items you sell. Big deal!
  • [21:14] Create your eBay and PayPal accounts.
  • [22:14] Communicate with the people interested in your products and SHIP the products.
  • [23:57] Product ideas you probably have laying around your house.
  • [27:10] What is holding YOU back from getting started making some cash?


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