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Wouldn’t it be helpful to pick the brain of an expert on Chinese suppliers? Imagine the insights and lessons you could learn from such a knowledgeable individual. Look no further! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott’s guest is Sam Boyd. He has intimate knowledge of the Chinese supplier market. Sam lives in China and operates a business called Guided Imports that helps business leaders like you get all the resources you need to run your production smoothly. Scott and Sam cover why you shouldn’t focus on a single strategy, how to secure a dependable supplier, a streamlined product validation approach, and so much more! Sam is so generous that he also provides a product validation checklist. You don’t want to miss this helpful episode.

Don’t rely on one single strategy 

A common mistake that many business leaders make when they start their efforts with selling on Amazon and dealing with Chinese suppliers is relying on a single strategy. You need to keep in mind that circumstances change, be flexible and adapt to how the market shifts. There have been many failed attempts to get an operation up and running because the business leader was locked into doing things one particular way and that handicapped their efforts for success. Don’t let that be you! Learn how you can be flexible to change on this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Securing a dependable supplier for your Amazon Product in China

What is the best strategy when starting your interactions with a Chinese supplier? How should you present yourself? Do you go in acting like a big supplier or do you start off being upfront and honest about your size and scale? Sam Boyd lives and works in China, he has a unique insight on how to do business with Chinese suppliers. His advice to sellers looking for a dependable supplier is, to be honest and upfront. Years ago it would have been almost impossible to do business with a supplier if you were coming to them as a small-scale business, but that’s no longer the case. To hear Sam expand on his insight with Chinese suppliers, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

A streamlined Product Validation service

Do you have a bunch of great ideas for products to list on Amazon? Is the one thing holding you back the time needed to validate each product idea? There is a proven and successful way to outsource this step. Scott’s guest, Sam Boyd has a service that will take your product ideas and help you validate them in a streamlined process. This is a game changer. Imagine all the time and resources you’ll save! Listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear how Sam’s service can help you fast track your business toward exponential success.

Go with your gut, don’t be afraid to walk away from a bad Business Deal

Getting started as a Private Label seller can be long and laborious. Hang in there! By coming to The Amazing Seller, you have many of the tools you need right at your fingertips. Scott’s guest, Sam Boyd encourages business leaders to remain patient. If you are not seeing the numbers you would like to or if you don’t feel good about working with a particular supplier, don’t be afraid to start again. This is vital advice to consider that could save you a lot of money down the line. Go with your gut, don’t be afraid to walk away. Be confident that you have the resources there at TAS to help you overcome any struggles you face.



  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:15] Sam Boyd joins the podcast.
  • [3:40] Sam shares his story.
  • [5:20] What motivated Sam to move to China?
  • [8:20] What should business leaders be aware of?
  • [11:00] Sam talks about his checklist for product validation with suppliers.
  • [16:15] Funnel sourcing strategy.
  • [18:15] Are there any other sourcing options out there?
  • [21:50] How do you determine if you are working with a trading company or a factory?
  • [25:30] How do you narrow your supplier search down?
  • [30:00] What does the first communication with a potential supplier look like?
  • [35:20] How do you deal with the financial piece with these suppliers?
  • [41:00] What is the process with inspecting products?
  • [55:00] Sam talks about his validation service.
  • [59:40] What is it that sets Sam’s business apart?
  • [1:03:40] Parting advice from Sam.


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