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Are you still trying to figure out how you can make this whole ecommerce thing work for you? Wouldn’t it be great to get some tips and insights from someone who was in your shoes just a few short years ago and has experienced impressive results since? You are in luck! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from guest Kevin Sanderson as he shares his story and what he’s learned from his ecommerce journey. Don’t leave it all up to guesswork! Learn from Kevin’s unique perspective and take in his sincere advice on this informative episode!

Taking full advantage of the international marketplace.

Can you imagine achieving the level of success it’d require to bring your ecommerce brand to the international marketplace? Does it feel like an unreachable dream? Ask yourself why it seems so impossible because it’s not! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, join Scott as he sits down with someone who has made it happen with their ecommerce brand. While it wasn’t easy, Kevin Sanderson says that sellers like you should not be so afraid of taking your brand international. Sure, it has its ups and downs but it has been a profitable and educational experience for Kevin and his business so far. Learn more about Kevin’s story on this exciting episode!

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself!

One of the worst things you can do when you start a long distance race is to start off sprinting. When it comes to long-distance running, the key to success is to pace yourself. The same principle is true when it comes to getting a successful ecommerce business off of the ground. Kevin Sanderson says that too often he’s seen ecommerce business owners get way too far out ahead of themselves before they needed too. He encourages business leaders to take their time and go step by step through the process of building and then expanding their ecommerce business. Get more helpful tips from Kevin on this episode of The Amazing Seller, you don’t want to miss it!

Whatever gets measured, gets managed.

How do you make the right steps and get your ecommerce business off of the ground? How do you get started when you have a family and you are trying to holding down a full-time job, is it even possible? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and his guest, Kevin Sanderson. Kevin explains that the road to getting your business off of the ground can be challenging but anything worth doing will provide its own set of challenges. His advice is to start by taking a look at how you spend your time on a daily and weekly basis and then evaluate where you can start shifting things around to make time for your budding business. Listen to this episode to get additional insights from Kevin!

Is it too late to ride the ecommerce wave?

One of the common questions that Scott gets from TAS followers is, “Is it too late to catch the wave of building an ecommerce business?” The answer that Scott provides time and time again is a resounding, “NO!” The truth is, it’s not too late to get started and even if it is too late, so what? Be that person who breaks barriers and challenges the status quo. If you feel compelled to reach for something beyond what you currently have, you are going to have to take risks! Get Scott and Kevin’s full take on the state of the ecommerce industry by listening to this informative episode, you don’t want to miss it!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:15] How did Kevin get started with ecommerce?
  • [5:30] Kevin gives an update on his business success and why he went international.
  • [10:00] Succeeding in life and business.
  • [12:00] Go one step at a time, don’t get ahead of yourself!
  • [16:30] Learning along the way.
  • [21:00] Whatever gets measured, gets managed.
  • [27:00] Kevin talks about mindset and how he responded to losing his job.
  • [34:00] Tips for budding leaders and ecommerce entrepreneurs.
  • [36:00] Delegating and connecting with virtual assistants.
  • [38:00] There are always opportunities out there!
  • [41:00] How to connect with Kevin.


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