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How do you get an ecommerce business off of the ground? Where do you even start? Which voices should you be listening to? Should you go with an “Authority site” approach, “Amazon” approach, or a hybrid approach? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he welcomes Lynn and Rich to the podcast as he walks them through a coaching call. Lynn and Rich have enjoyed business success but have found that their heart isn’t in their work anymore. Now they want to move toward building an ecommerce business as their passion project. To hear Scott help them unpack their plans and help them understand what it will take to put their ideas into action, make sure to listen to this episode!

Start with what you know!

Are you looking for the best route to follow when building your ecommerce business? Why not start with what you know? Seriously! Don’t overcomplicate it if you don’t have to! Make a list of the topics and subjects that you are passionate about or have experience with. From there, start making a list of products that you can speak about or build a brand about with credibility. If you could make a profit by selling something you are passionate about, your “work” will be effortless! To hear more about this approach from Scott, make sure to listen to this informative episode of The Amazing Seller, you don’t want to miss it!

Don’t be too quickly scared away by competition.

Have you been scared away from pursuing an ecommerce business in a product category that is competitive? Don’t be so quick to write it off! There are multiple ways you can get your business started in even the most competitive arenas. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains his approach to Lynn and Rich. While Lynn and Rich are passionate about helping people their age address their hair appearance needs, they’ve been warned about getting involved with such a competitive category. Find out why Scott encourages them to rethink that caution if they are passionate about the subject and much more on this informative episode!

How Amazon can help you get started.

If you were to start an ecommerce business right now, what platform would you use to build it? Would you launch exclusively on Amazon or would you focus your efforts on building an “Authority site” to gain credibility and launch your brand from there? What about a hybrid approach? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott explains why Amazon is such a helpful tool to get your ecommerce business up and running. If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott encourages sellers like you to think beyond Amazon for sustained business success. To get Scott’s full take on these approaches and which one he suggests to Lynn and Rich, make sure to listen to this episode!

Don’t succumb to analysis paralysis, take action!

What is your plan of action for your ecommerce business? Do you have a clear plan for getting it launched? Do you have a roadmap of what your first year’s goals and benchmarks are? What are you doing right now to build momentum and more importantly, take action? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott stresses the need for sellers like you to do your research and due diligence but then to pick a direction and take action! Don’t succumb to analysis paralysis, learn from Scott’s years of hard-fought wisdom and move forward on your journey today! Hear more from Scott and his eye-opening conversation with Lynn and Rich on this episode.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [6:30] Scott welcomes Lynn and Rich.
  • [10:00] Rich talks about his business background.
  • [13:00] Find something you're comfortable with and go from there!
  • [20:30] Why using Amazon is a great place to start.
  • [23:00] Using the “Authority site” and “Amazon” approach works so well.
  • [30:00] Is it a good idea to go after a competitive product category?
  • [34:30] How the touch list can help you find a successful product.
  • [39:00] Why Amazon is a good research tool.
  • [41:30] What is the best shipping and storage approach?
  • [45:00] Scott shares how he’s learned along the way.
  • [49:30] Selling something you are passionate about can be effortless.
  • [53:30] Why it’s vital to Take Action!
  • [56:30] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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