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Are you fired up and ready to go? How are you progressing in building your ecommerce business? Could you use some helpful tips and insights to get your brand in a better position to compete? You’ve come to the right place! It's time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller. On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he reflects on his recent trip to Sellers Summit, explains the direction he’s headed with TAS, and answers to questions submitted by TAS followers like you! Don’t miss this great opportunity to get tap into Scott’s excitement and energy!

What decision will you make?

It may sound crazy but did you know that the difference between success and failure comes down to a decision that you choose to make? When you boil it all down, you really only have two options in life and business. Do something or do nothing. Which will you choose? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains how making the decision to take action and do something can lead you down the path toward growth and opportunity. Are you guaranteed success if you take action? No! But once you get the ball rolling and experience failure and setbacks, you can learn from them and move forward. You won’t get anywhere by standing still! Hear more from Scott as he expands on this topic by listening to this episode!

How to use product inserts properly.

How can you effectively connect with your customers and fans? Is there a way to communicate with them through your packaging? Yes, there is! You can include something called, “Product inserts” to give more information to your customer on how they can use the product they purchased more effectively. The key here is, Amazon doesn’t want sellers like you to drive their customers away from their platform. This can be a fine line to walk. Find out how to use product inserts as effectively as possible by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller, you don’t want to miss it!

Can you get rich quick using Scott’s ecommerce approach?

Let’s face it, the drive in many ecommerce and entrepreneurial spaces today is to get rich quick. If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that’s not what Scott is all about. He wants to help sellers like you build a business and become successful but that’ll take hard work and determination. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he explains why he doesn’t endorse the get rich quick approach. You can tell that this is an important topic for Scott, he gets pretty passionate and fired up about it and for good reason! Learn more about Scott’s mindset and what it’ll take to build a thriving ecommerce business by listening to this helpful episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:30] Scott shares some takeaways from Sellers Summit.
  • [6:30] You have two decisions in life, which one will you choose?
  • [17:00] YOU are The Amazing Seller!
  • [21:00] Question #1: Do you have any updated thoughts on product inserts?
  • [27:30] Question #2: I have a 6 figure job, should I leave it to start an ecommerce biz?


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