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What is the best way to engage with your email list? How do you grow an email list and communicate with them without sounding too much like a spammer or salesperson? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he walks through his Prime Day strategy and how he got really impressive open and click-through rates on his emails. If you want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to your email list - this is the episode for you! 

You need to prime the pump

Too often ecommerce sellers get so excited about the massive potential for profit on days like Prime Day or Black Friday that they forget to take the time and prime their audience. Imagine how your business would perform if your listing were already hot when those special sale days rolled around. According to Scott, the best way to position for ecommerce brand for success is to prime the pump and engage with your email list a few days leading up to the special sale. To hear how Scott crafts his emails to get his audience engaged, make sure to listen to this episode!

Retarget your unopened emails!

Don’t you hate it when you find out that you’ve missed a great opportunity to maximize the profits for your business? Of course, you do, no one likes leaving money on the table - but that is exactly what you are doing when you don’t retarget unopened emails! By simply retargeting the folks who didn’t open his emails leading up to Prime Day, Scott was able to increase his open and clickthrough rates by impressive margins. Tune into this episode as Scott gives subject line examples and more to help sellers like you make the most out of targeting your email subscribers! 

Don’t get upset about people who unsubscribe

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some secret way to reel back in those folks who unsubscribed from your email list? Unfortunately - there is no effective way to get those who have unsubscribed - but don’t let that get you down! If someone unsubscribes from your email list - keep your head up - they are cleaning your email list for you. Let’s face it - everyone isn’t going to be a fan of your brand and your product - don’t take it personally. Pick yourself up and keep on trucking - there are plenty of customers out there who will find your brand helpful! 

Scott’s email list building formula

While there is no silver bullet when it comes to building an email list - Scott and his team have developed a top-notch formula that sellers like you can use. Here is a brief run-down of Scott’s email list building formula. 

  1. Find your target market - where are they hanging out? 
  2. Create the right offer that will bring them into your brand. 
  3. Deliver valuable content to your following. 
  4. Be consistent with delivering content. 
  5. Test different subject lines to see what works! 

Have you built up your email list yet? What are you waiting for? Tune into this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear more from Scott and also check out the list building workshop located in the resources section at the end of this post! 


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:00] TAS resources for you!
  • [4:10] Why it’s a good idea to prime the pump. 
  • [8:30] Scott reveals the first email subject line that had great results. 
  • [14:00] The next emails that Scott sent leading up to Prime Day. 
  • [18:30] Breaking down how these emails helped Prime Day sales. 
  • [22:00] Sending a “Last call” email. 
  • [24:20] Retargeting people who didn’t open your email. 
  • [29:00] Scott breaks down a few more successful emails. 
  • [32:30] The basic email list building formula that Scott uses. 
  • [37:00] Closing thoughts from Scott. 


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