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Can you imagine what it would be like if you could take a product to market that took off right away? What type of work would have to be done behind the scenes to get that type of result? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he sits down with Jason, a TAS follower like you. In his conversation with Scott, Jason opens up about how he got started in the ecommerce industry, why he decided to use focus groups, how he built his brand, and so much more. You’ll want to pay close attention to this helpful episode! 

Product research matters!

Are you sure that the market will respond to your great idea? How do you know that people will buy what you have to offer? Time and time again, Scott has heard from sellers like you who jump in with massive energy and excitement only to crash and burn because the market didn’t want their product. Don’t let that terrible outcome happen to you and your brand! Tune into this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear Scott and Jason discuss the benefit of conducting thorough product research. 

Don’t be afraid of making adjustments 

Since when did the first idea or version of a product end up being the version that went the distance? Proto-types need to be tinkered with and refined over time to create an end product that the market will be satisfied with. One innovative way that Jason adjusted and refined his planner was by conducting focus groups. Using the feedback from the focus groups, Jason was able to make meaningful adjustments to his product based on real-world feedback from users. To hear more about Jason’s method of using a focus group, make sure to listen to this episode! 

Keep them coming back

What is the model of your ecommerce business? Do you have plans to expand your brand with multiple products, or are you looking for a reoccurring model? If you’ve been around the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is passionate about helping sellers like you get into the content creation game. Scott is convinced that content will keep your buyers coming back to your site and your channels to see what else you have to offer. Are you following any of Scott’s advice when it comes to creating content for your audience? 

Identifying bottlenecks

How well do you know the state of your business? Are you aware of what it needs to reach the next level of growth? What obstacles and bottlenecks are preventing your business from advancing? Scott wants to help business leaders like you ask the tough questions that get you to look hard at the state of your business. Just getting pumped up with exciting and inspiring stories is not enough to get you where you want to go! Learn from Jason and Scott’s helpful insights by listing to this episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [4:50] Jason joins Scott on the podcast to talk about his business. 
  • [11:10] How did Jason end up in the ecommerce industry? 
  • [15:00] The benefit of using focus groups. 
  • [19:00] How Jason’s planner was developed. 
  • [21:30] What is the status of Jason’s business right now? 
  • [27:00] Jason explains how content creation will factor into his brand. 
  • [36:00] How is the traffic on Jason’s site? 
  • [42:00] The biggest bottleneck in Jason’s business. 
  • [46:20] How to connect with Jason and his brand. 
  • [47:40] Closing thoughts from Scott. 


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