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Are you ready to put what you’ve learned in action and move your ecommerce business forward? What do you need to do to take your brand to the next level of growth? If you are in need of solid advice and an expert perspective, you’ve come to the right place! It’s time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller. On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares his thought of the week, talks about some helpful lessons he has learned from Oprah, answers a question from a TAS follower like you, and much more. Have pen and paper ready, you are going to need it!

Lessons learned from Oprah

Have you ever learned valuable lessons from someone you’ve never met before? If you haven’t met Scott yet - your answer is probably yes! For Scott, that person who influenced him from afar for years is Oprah. Scott and his wife have learned a ton of helpful lessons for both personal and professional growth over the years. Recently, they had a chance to go see Oprah during her 2020 Vision Tour. To hear some of the helpful life lessons that Scott has learned from Oprah over the years, make sure to tune in to this episode of The Amazing Seller - you don’t want to miss it! 

Find out what your audience wants!

Should you start a YouTube channel for your brand? What about a podcast or a blog? If you want to grow your brand - you need to give your target audience what they want! Don’t waste your time creating a podcast if your audience would respond better to a YouTube channel. How do you find out what your audience wants? It’s easier than you might think! Use autofill search engines to your advantage! Try typing in keywords for your niche market into Google or YouTube search engines and see what pops up. Go even further with this critical topic by listening to this helpful episode of The Amazing Seller! 

The Take Action Effect 

If you’ve been part of the TAS community for very long, you know that Scott is passionate about creating resources for ecommerce sellers like you! From this podcast and blog to live events and even books - Scott has been hard at work over the years to resource his fellow ecommerce business leaders. The pride and joy of all of Scott’s resources is his recently published book and audiobook, “The Take Action Effect.” If you haven’t already, make sure to grab your copy of this informative book today! You can learn more about the physical book and the audiobook by visiting the resources section at the end of this post.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:45] Helpful lessons learned from Oprah. 
  • [9:45] Question: What's the best platform to post my content?
  • [15:00] What is your target audience looking for? 
  • [18:45] Closing thoughts from Scott. 


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