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What is your plan to grow your business and build a brand that will last? Do you find yourself struggling to find the funds to get things off of the ground? If so, you’ve come to the right place! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares five ways that sellers like you can bring in over $1,000 a month. Don’t worry, this isn’t some get rich quick scheme! Scott only brings you tools and tips that actually work - no gimmicks. What are you waiting for? Have pen and paper ready as you listen to this helpful episode - you don’t want to miss it! 

Flip a product 

One of the best ways for eager entrepreneurs to get started is by holding a garage sale. Yes, seriously! While it might sound crazy, the truth is, there could be a couple of hundred or even a couple of thousand dollars in unused items sitting in your basement or garage. Why not take a look at what you don’t need anymore and post it for sale on Ebay, what do you have to lose? To hear how this approach helped Scott get his business off of the ground, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 

Retail arbitrage 

Have you ever heard of the term, retail arbitrage? It’s basically the strategy of finding items for sale or below retail value and then posting them online for a profit. You can do this in big ways or small ways - the best way to get started is by looking at the clearance section at your favorite retail store. While Scott doesn’t encourage this practice for a long term strategy, it can be helpful as you raise the funds to start your brand. Learn more from Scott about retail arbitrage and so much more by listening to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Create a small digital product or charge people for your expertise 

Did you know that someone out there will pay you money to create something or share your knowledge on a specific subject? It’s true! From Etsy and Ebay to Udemy - more and more platforms are popping up online that connect people to artists and experts. If you want to build up some extra cash while you start your business, why not consider selling a digital product or your expertise? If you aren’t sure what you might be able to offer, listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller as Scott shares some helpful examples. 

Monetize traffic you already have 

Do you already own a blog or website? What about a YouTube channel, Instagram channel, or an email list? If your answer is yes, you have an asset you can leverage to make more money. While you likely won’t get rich off of turning on ads on your website or blog, you can certainly earn some extra income for your growing business. You don’t have to guess what this step in the process might look like, Scott has a whole strategy! Make sure to check out the link to brand creators located in the resources section at the end of this post. 


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:30] Build your business with a side income. 
  • [4:30] Flip a product. 
  • [11:15] Try retail arbitrage. 
  • [13:00] Create a small digital product to sell. 
  • [16:45] Charge people for your expertise. 
  • [20:30] Monetize traffic you already have. 
  • [24:00] Scott recaps all five ways to make a side income. 
  • [27:45] Closing thoughts from Scott. 


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