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Is it time to re-think your business strategy? Are you doing enough to reach out to and connect with your target audience? What is holding your business back from reaching its full potential? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he sits down with Dave Manley from MMA Bobblehead for an update on his brand and key lessons he has learned over the last year. This is your chance to learn from a seller just like you - make sure to have pen and paper handly - you don’t want to miss a minute of this powerful episode! 

Pulling back the curtain 

Do your followers know what you are working on right now? Have you invited your followers into your brand on a deeper level? While every brand doesn’t lend itself to a “Behind the scenes” look, for those that do - pay attention to what Dave has done! By inviting his followers to participate in the crafting, producing, and launching of each new MMA Bobblehead, Dave has created a loyal following. To hear more about how Dave keeps his followers plugged in, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 

Make them feel special 

Have you ever been part of a VIP group or a special club? Remember in high school when everyone wanted to be part of the “In” crowd? What if there was a way to get that sort of effect when it comes to creating excitement for your brand? According to Dave, the best way to create loyal fans is by inviting them to be part of an exclusive insider’s group. After creating the VIP Cage Fight Club, Dave saw his customer engagement skyrocket - more to the point, Dave says that he genuinely enjoys the group he created. What would an exclusive group in your brand look like? Tune into this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear more from Dave and Scott! 

Lead with providing value 

Have you ever been in a scenario or a relationship where someone continuously asked you for something without offering anything in return? Let’s face it, no one likes to be taken advantage of – but it can feel that way when someone asks something of you without providing value in return. Don’t let that happen to you and your business! Scott and Dave encourage sellers like you to get into the habit of delivering value way before you ever make an ask of your customers. To hear more from Scott about this critical topic, make sure to tune in to this episode of The Amazing Seller! 

Take Action! 

Listening to Dave and Scott can really get you fired up and ready to take action! So what are you going to do? Are you ready to make some serious headway with your brand or will you go back to the same old routine? The truth is, if you want something you’ve never had, you need to do something you’ve never done before! Remember, you aren’t alone - Scott has created some helpful resources that sellers like you can utilize to take your business to the next level of growth. 


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:00] Dave Manley joins the podcast to give an update about his business. 
  • [7:15] Pulling back the curtain. 
  • [12:30] Why it pays to be a super-fan. 
  • [20:00] Dave explains how everything changed after his coaching call with Scott. 
  • [26:30] Brand building is the way to future-proof your business. 
  • [29:30] Providing value before you make the ask. 
  • [43:00] How Dave launched a new product during the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • [49:00] What Dave is excited about regarding the future of his business. 
  • [54:00] Closing thoughts. 


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