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This is a rapid-fire episode highlighting Scott’s personal Amazon sales numbers and income for June of 2015. Scott’s private label products are doing very well and he’s excited to share his real numbers with you for two reasons: #1 - It shows you that this Amazon Private Label model is real and can work for you, and #2 - it encourages you to go out and take action for yourself.


Scott’s not sharing his numbers to impress, but to impress upon you that your Amazon business can work if you take the right action. Thanks for listening!




  • [0:05] Intro to this bonus episode.

  • [0:35] Your invitation to one of Scott’s live workshops.

  • [1:08] The typical July and August is a slow time.

  • [2:27] The impact of “Prime Day” on Scott’s sales.

  • [3:21] Scott’s July numbers - $35,644.36 | 1995 units | 1833 customers.

  • [4:31] Product costs - $10,080.00.

  • [5:01] FBA fees & Pay Per Click (PPC) fees.

  • [5:58] The impact PPC had on organic sales.

  • [6:58] Scott’s keyword rankings.

  • [7:14] Miscellaneous charges.

  • [9:04] Scott’s take-aways from this month’s numbers.

  • [10:27] Why it’s important to keep an eye on your inventory, and how to keep an eye on your competitor’s inventory.

  • [12:00] Working with your supplier to better manage inventory.

  • [13:01] Understanding that any sales business will have upward and downward trends, and why you should pay attention to those.

  • [13:44] Scott’s third product is starting to gain some traction, and what he’s thinking as a result for the rest of the year.

  • [15:10] Plans for new products in the future and the importance of preplanning.

  • [15:53] The TAS Facebook community ROCKS! Find out how YOU can be a part!

  • [16:50] The TAS T-shirt - get yours and support cancer research!




Scott’s free workshop  - - Scott’s system for doing PPC campaigns - The TAS Facebook Community - The TAS T-shirt which supports cancer research

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