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7 stories of massive success to inspire you!

Success in Amazon FBA is not a secret formula kind of thing. In this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott crunches together the success stories of 7 of his past guests to show you that everyday people taking action are able to create monstrous success through Amazon retail arbitrage and private labeling, and that you can do the same thing too. LIsten to this “cliff notes” version of these 7 success stories and check the link section in the show notes to go to the particular episodes where Scott interviewed each of them.

Solve a problem - build a business

That is exactly what Rich Turnbull did. He had a need in his own life and felt compelled to not only find a solution but to make that solution available for others. Through his research and hard work, Rich took action to make his business dreams come true by providing just such a product. It’s proof that if you pay attention to the real needs of people and put action behind your ideas surrounding those needs, there’s no telling how successful you might be. Listen to hear more about Rich’s success on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

What good are late night infomercials? Lots - if you ask Danny Brewer.

Danny is a regular guy. He says so. But he makes no excuses about his life or his business. He knows that it takes action to make things happen and that’s exactly what he did. One night as he sat up watching TV, he saw a late night infomercial that got him thinking about product possibilities for Amazon, and the rest is history. His hard work and research paid off and now his success story as an amazing Amazon seller is part of history. Listen to Scott’s tribute to Danny and find out where you can learn more about his success, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

What if you see an opportunity for your employer to make some big cash, but they won’t do it?

That is exactly what happened in Ty Roney’s case. He was working for a company and saw an incredible opportunity for them to place their products on Amazon that would up the bottom line. But his employer decided not to take advantage of the opportunity. So what did Ty do? He took matters into his own hands by wholesaling those very products on Amazon and making a load of cash. It’s a story of ingenuity and hard work that is inspiring to those who truly want to make a business on Amazon. Ty’s story shows that potential profit-makers are all around, if you know how to look. Listen in to this episode to hear more about Ty’s amazing story.

From wholesale, to private label, to software development

Taking massive action to see things come about is one of the themes of The Amazing Seller Podcast, and guest Greg Mercer is a prime example of where that philosophy can take you. Greg started out like many people, wholesaling products for sale on Amazon. In time, he learned to research products to create his own private label business, but wasn’t satisfied with that. He wanted to be able to find more products, faster, so he created a software app (Jungle Scout) that cut the time investment from that process tremendously. Now the software is available to other Amazon sellers, and Greg is proving that action is what it takes to make things happen in the Amazon FBA world. Hear more of Greg’s amazing story on this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast.


  • Welcome to the podcast, from Scott!
  • Why Scott decided to produce this episode - a “cliff notes” version of the most successful people Scott’s interviewed in the past.
  • Your invitation to a free workshop!
  • Things to listen for that each of these successful people did and you can replicate.
  • Rich Turnbull - Building a business based on products that solved his own problems.
  • Tayson Whitaker - Using his experience to leverage large products to a successful business.
  • Danny Brewer - a regular guy who made no excuses and built a business from an idea he got from a late night infomercial.
  • Chris Schaffer - Working with existing businesses to use their products to sell on Amazon.
  • Ty Roney - Stepping into an opportunity that his employer wouldn’t.
  • Greg Mercer - From wholesaling to Amazon, to Private Labeling, to software.
  • Andy Slamans - Retail arbitrage success through understanding hot markets.
  • The traits these successful Amazon sellers have in common, and how you can do the same.
  • The formula each of these guys used to maximize their success.


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