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In this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott Voelker quickly reviews what he observed about Amazon’s recent “Prime Day” and outlines why those results prove that anyone who can get products onto the Amazon platform should do so immediately.


Amazon is becoming a powerhouse for online sellers. Some of the sales figures for individual sellers that Scott references in this episode show that the potential for huge profits is there, and the more seasoned and reputable your listings, the more likely you’ll be able to benefit from it. Scott himself saw a ⅔ increase in sales on Prime Day without doing anything to promote his products or discount them for Prime Day.


Listen in to find out how you can get on board the Amazon train with your own private label products - and hit the subscribe button to make sure you don’t miss an episode of The Amazing Seller.




  • In the car today - maximizing time and getting things done!

  • Your invite to join Scott for the Amazing Seller Meet-up at Podcast Movement in Dallas, TX.

  • Prime Day was a big event for Amazon sellers - what it was and how it worked.

  • The influence and power of Amazon Prime as an example of Amazon’s growth and power.

  • How sellers were contacted by Amazon to be featured on Prime Day.

  • Why Scott did not adjust his prices for Prime Day in any way.

  • Scott’s warning about gaming the system when it comes to titles and images.

  • The increase in sales Scott saw simply because of the traffic of Prime Day.

  • One of Scott’s friends who had a substantial increase on Prime Day as well.

  • The evidence of how getting products on Amazon will prove to be a great asset over time.

  • How one “featured” seller on Prime Day who Scott knows sold over $42,000 worth of products on Prime Day alone.

  • Why increased sales on Prime Day should result in greater reviews from your follow up sequences.

  • The importance of simply getting started!




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Starting your own FBA private label business is hard work.


It can also be very discouraging work. Scott Voelker knows. He’s been at this long enough to know that there are opportunities every day to become discouraged and give up. But have you ever stopped to consider WHY people actually do give up? Scott believes there are 3 main reasons people give up, and he’s going to outline them and their solutions on this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast.


Before you even start an Amazon business, you need to get this one nailed down.


If you don’t, you’ll be quitting before you even hit your first real obstacle. What is it that’s so important? You have to know your “why.” That means you have to be crystal clear on why you are doing what you are doing. What is your motivation, the reason it’s so crucial that you succeed at your FBA business? If you don’t know, you’ll cave in the first time things get even the slightest bit hard. You’ve got to have that light at the end of the tunnel to keep you driving forward no matter what happens. If you take the time to clarify your “why”, you’ll be able to persevere through the hard times.


It’s important to plan, but don’t think too far ahead.


Why? Because when you start looking at what might lay ahead, you begin to focus too much on the “what if” scenarios, the things that could go wrong… What if my product doesn’t sell? What if I picked the wrong items to sell? What if I have to spend more on PPC than I thought I would? What if I run out of money? All these questions and thousands more can flood your mind when you start looking too far ahead, filling you with fear and prompting you to throw in the towel. But there’s a simple solution. What is it? You’ll have to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller to find out!


How committed are you to your FBA business?


It’s a question that is about more than your “why” - it’s asking yourself “What am I willing to do in order to achieve my why?” You’ve got to be clear on the price you’re willing to pay in order to make your Amazon FBA goals a reality and stick to the tasks that will accomplish those goals, every single day. Think it through. Get your mind right so you can be ready when the hard times come. Commit yourself practically by creating a schedule for yourself that forces you into regular, systematic work that heads toward your goals. In the end, your commitment is only valid if you are putting the action behind it to make it reality. Find out how Scott does this in his own life in this episode of The Amazing Seller.


What will you do if you launch your product and it doesn’t sell very well?


You need to be ready for that possibility, because it could very well happen. Are you going to allow the less-than-hoped-for sales to discourage you into quitting? Though it feels like a very natural response, it’s the exact opposite of what you should do. A slow product launch is an opportunity for you to learn from your small successes, but even more so, learn from the lack of results. You’ll discover ways you can tweak your PPC, adjust our product title or description, or any number of things that can increase your sales over time. But you’ve got to stay committed to your business in order to make those gains happen. Find out how to keep a slow launch from derailing your momentum, in this episode of the podcast.




  • Welcome to the podcast, from Scott!

  • Scott’s introduction to the topic today and why it’s so important to understand.

  • You’re invited to check out the Amazing Seller shirt and give your input.

  • iTunes reviews from the past week!

  • The first thing about failing in business before we get to the main 3 reasons. You’ve got to have a “why” - a clear picture of why you are doing what they are doing.

  • The first reason people fail and quit: Thinking too far ahead; allowing fears of what could happen dictate what they will do.

  • The second reason people fail and give up: Lack of commitment.

  • The third reason people fail and stop: A slow product launch that discourages.

  • Solutions to these three problems

    • Problem 1: Chunk things down into smaller steps

    • Problem 2: Create a time schedule (deadlines) for yourself

    • Problem 3: Take small results and learn new actions you can take.

  • Recap of the 3 problems and their solutions.

  • How persistence and consistent action is the formula for success.




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