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It’s another great episode of “Ask Scott” where you get to ask your questions about Amazon FBA sales, private labeling, promotions, keyword and product research, and all the other things that go into building your own Amazon sales business through the amazing Amazon platform. In this episode Scott fields questions from 4 listeners - one all the way from Singapore! You won’t want to miss out hearing Scott’s responses to questions about pumping up slow sales, U.S. manufacturers or suppliers, optimization of search terms, and dealing with imitators of your product. All that on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

You’ve followed all of Scott’s suggestions, but sales are very slow… now what?

That’s the situation a listener finds himself in and on this episode he asks Scott if perhaps he missed a step or has not done something correctly. He’s getting a few sales a day, but is not even coming close to catching the top seller in his niche when it comes to product reviews. What should he do? It’s a hard question for Scott to answer without all the details, but he gives it his best shot, providing a handful of things to look at that could result in higher sales.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a U.S. Manufacturer to source your products?

There’s been a lot of chat on the Amazing Seller Facebook Group about this one: finding U.S. based product sources to keep the cash flowing within our own borders. Scott’s all for finding U.S. suppliers, but knows that in order to make a profit you have to spend as little as possible on the product side of things. That’s why this question is such a difficult one to answer definitively. In this episode Scott highlights some of the ways Amazon sellers might be able to find U.S. based suppliers, and invites anyone who HAS found a U.S. based source for their products to contact him to share their tips!

How important is it to key in on the search terms and suggested customer profiles available in the product page setup?

In every Seller Central product page there’s an option to give suggested categories of people that might be interested in the particular product you’re adding to the Amazon catalogue. A listener asks Scott how important those fields are and what might be done to optimize their use. Scott’s answer points to a previous episode where an expert on Amazon listings shared a wealth of fabulous tips about making your product listing the best it can be. You won’t want to miss Scott’s suggestions and that valuable resource, on this episode.

Someone seems to be imitating my product, right down to the images, description, etc. What can I do?

Here’s the scenario: A new seller of the same product I sell has shown up in the Amazon listings. His images are exactly the same as mine. His product descriptions are exactly the same as mine. The product is the same as mine. Should I patent my product? Should I contact Amazon? How can I keep this person from horning in on my sales by offering a product that is by all intents the exact same thing as mine? Scott’s answer on this one might surprise you. Listen in to find out the details.


  • [0:05] Welcome and introduction to this ASK SCOTT episode!
  • [1:20] How to get your question answered on one of these episodes.
  • [2:03] QUESTION #1: Very slow sales after doing promotions… what’s normal? What should I be considering? Did I miss any key factors?
  • [8:42] QUESTION #2: Could you speak to the issue of finding manufacturers from the United States.
  • [13:32] QUESTION #3: What are the best practices for optimizing search terms and the profiles on the seller central account?
  • [18:58] QUESTION #4: What can I do when another person is imitating my products, including images, description, and packaging?
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