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Today’s episode is one of Scott’s “Bonus Episodes” covering his income through his Amazon Business for August of 2015. These episodes are designed to be an encouragement to you, to show you that a real income can be provided through an Amazon sales business done the right way. That’s what The Amazing Seller podcast is all about.


So grab a pencil and paper to take notes and listen in as Scott reveals the actual numbers of his business - expenses, profit, sales, everything. It’s one of the most open episodes you’ll hear. He’s going to open up not only with his numbers, but with the lessons he’s learned over the past month.




  • [0:05] Intro to this bonus episode.

  • [0:27] Scott’s numbers have gone down, and he expected it!

  • [1:32] Why the summer months are typically the slowest for ecommerce.

  • [2:46] How to be prepared for slow months… by banking money from your busy months.

  • [4:00] Why you should not give up when your numbers are slow.

  • [5:21] One thing that caused Scott’s numbers to be lower, and why he decided to do it intentionally to sustain his sale velocity.

  • [8:34] How you can test pricing to find the best place for your product pricing.

  • [9:08] The Amazon Terms of Service Update - how Scott feels about the things that have changed.

  • [11:12] Scott’s number for August, item by item.

  • [11:59] $25K sales revenue for August, and multiple sales to the same customers.

  • [13:12] $8,135 profit for August 2015.

  • [13:53] What might have happened if Scott had not reduced his product pricing a month ago - good and bad.

  • [14:53] Why Scott is making pricing decisions to set himself up for the 4th quarter.

  • [16:04] Scott’s plans for the future - add more products to spread out the sales to mitigate the effect of the slow seasons.

  • [16:41] Lowering sales may not be right for your products. You have to decide.

  • [17:16] Why you should not be discouraged by a slow summer season.


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