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Scott loves bringing case studies to the TAS community. It’s one of the best ways to see what’s working, the hurdles that Amazon sellers face every step of the way, and the kind of success that everyday people can achieve if they are willing to take action. This conversation is with a long-time friend of Scott’s who has been around since the beginning of this podcast. Bill has moved from retail arbitrage to private label sales and his first product is now selling 30 units a day or more. How did Bill do it? Scott’s got all the details for you in this episode.

Why Bill prefers Private Label Sales to Retail Arbitrage.

Many people have great success doing the legwork required to pull of a successful retail arbitrage business, but Bill feels he’s not the kind of person who’s cut out for it. He was able to make some money but found some of the limitations and difficulties involved in arbitrage to be hurdles he didn’t want to have to get over. When he got into private label sales he enjoyed the kind of research, product sourcing, and brand building required and found it much more aligned with the kind of work he wanted to do. Find out all the details of retail arbitrage VS private label sales in this episode.

Bill didn’t want to source his products from Alibaba or another common supplier. Why?

Large Chinese product sourcing companies like Alibaba make it easy for Amazon sellers to find products that match their criteria. But sourcing products from them also has its disadvantages. Bill saw that if he sourced his products from a common source like that, they could be easily imitated or even hijacked, so he went another route. How did he go about it? By going directly to a manufacturer. You’ll have to listen to the entire episode to find out all the details!

Listen in to hear Scott’s recommended launch sequence, in action!

Scott’s guest today is a student in his Private Label Classroom and followed Scott’s recommended launch sequence. As a result he’s getting those 30 sales a day in record time! It’s a proven system that works when you take it step at a time, and Bill’s story proves it. Find out how Bill went about launching his product, got reviews, used PPC, and much, much more on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

No matter what business you decide to start, you’ve to surround yourself with a supportive community.

The guy you grab a drink with after work is probably not going to understand your entrepreneurial spirit. Your parents or siblings may not get it. But you’ve got to have the support and encouragement all the same. Where do you find it? In a mastermind or discussion group that is focused on accomplishing the same type goals you are. Scott has created his TAS Facebook community to help Amazon Private Label sellers come around each other for support, encouragement, tips, and help. You’re free to join, anytime. Listen to this episode or use the links below to become part of the group.


  • [0:05] Welcome back to the Amazing Seller and introduction to this episode - a conversation to one of the first guys Scott ever met when he considered doing an Amazon business.
  • [2:59] Scott and Bill’s story together.
  • [4:46] Bill’s history selling on Amazon doing retail arbitrage and why he got started doing Private Label sales.
  • [8:00] Why Bill decided to move away from retail arbitrage.
  • [9:52] Bill’s journey into wholesale and how he began picking products.
  • [12:48] Why Scott or Bill neither one would be comfortable choosing a product for another person to sell.
  • [13:46] How Bill sources his products. He didn’t want to go through Alibaba, etc.
  • [15:56] The pricing and payment options Bill worked out with his supplier.
  • [16:32] The time frame from Bill sending his first deposit to receiving the products.
  • [19:00] Why Bill believes it’s important to get the product to market as soon as possible.
  • [21:21] Bill’s approach to review groups, family and friends reviews, PPC, etc.
  • [24:02] How many products did Bill give away to get reviews and how did he get them?
  • [26:07] How quickly were his discount codes used?
  • [27:00] The importance of the organic sales.
  • [27:53] Why Bill thinks he couldn’t have done what he did without using pay per click.
  • [29:17] Which keywords are important for you to target in PPC campaigns?
  • [31:19] Once the Pay Per Click was working… what did Bill do next?
  • [32:13] Bill’s thoughts about Amazon’s new terms of service and how it impacts his sales.
  • [35:08] Why bill might go back to review groups instead of dropping his product price.
  • [36:42] Bill’s sales now that he’s past the launch phase.
  • [39:11] Choosing a next product once a product is successful.
  • [41:00] Why Scott recommends choosing products where people are already buying instead of inventing products.
  • [42:00] The importance of reaching out to others to build community with those doing the same thing you are doing.
  • [43:15] The importance of mindset for the newbie to Amazon Private Label sales.
  • [46:08] Scott’s summary of the conversation.
  • [46:50] Your invite to the TAS Facebook group -
  • [47:20] Scott’s free live workshop - you can come -
  • [48:16] Scott’s private label classroom -


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