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Would you like to have your questions about Amazon FBA answered by someone who’s been successful on the platform?


This is your chance. Every Friday Scott Voelker answers questions that have been left on the voicemail app on the website. They could be about product selection, dealing with negative reviews, pricing, sourcing products from China, or anything else that has to do with selling your private label products on Amazon. You can ask your question by going to - and Scott just might provide an answer on a future episode of Ask Scott!


I’ve got a handful of negative seller feedbacks and want to get my seller ranking to improve. How can I do it?


If you’ve had issues where the people who have bought your products were not happy for some reason, there are some things you can do to deal with the negative feedback they may have left on your seller profile. First, contact them and offer to rectify the situation. You may need to simply refund their money and allow them to keep the product regardless. But either way, you’re building good will about you and your brand, which could result in those people adjusting their seller feedback. You want your customers to be happy so do whatever it takes. But what can you do about the impact those reviews have had on your seller feedback? Find out by listening to Scott’s response on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


I have a competitor who is slamming my products on their own product listings, saying that I don’t have the right to sell the products myself. What can I do about this?


It is frustrating when your competitors seem bent on sullying your brand or products in order to try and get a leg up on you in the Amazon marketplace. Is there anything you can do about it? Yes, you can contact that seller and ask them to show you proof of the claims they’re making or even send them a cease and desist letter to add a bit of pressure. You can also contact Amazon seller support to ask them to force the competitor to stop. But Scott recommends something else that you may not expect. Listen to this episode to hear his answer.


All of my products use the same basic keywords. How can I use Amazon PPC to target each product when the keywords are all the same?


Amazon PPC is pretty confusing to use as it is. But when your products are similar, perhaps different variants of the same basic product, how can you differentiate within the PPC interface to drive traffic to a specific product? Scott’s got some suggestions for this sort of situation on this episode that you’ll want to hear. It’s not only helpful for driving the actual traffic to the place you want it to go, but his response will also enable you to use PPC to do some research on what people are actually searching for in your niche. Interested? Listen in to hear more!


At what point should I consider using freight forwarders or shipping agents?


Obviously, you want to keep your Amazon business as streamlined and simple as possible. That way you maintain control of timelines and other things that impact the availability and sales of your products. But as your business grows you may need to find other solutions to help you expedite the sheer volume of products you’re dealing with. Those solutions may include freight forwarding services or private shipping agents. At what point are these needed and how do you know if you’re at that point? Scott gives some tips about those decisions and offers some other helpful suggestions about shipping in general in answer to this question.




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    • [4:10] QUESTION ONE: How can I improve my seller ranking and how should I handle negative reviews?
    • [10:04] QUESTION TWO: What should be done if a competitor is slamming my product in their own listings by saying my products are not the legitimate original product?
    • [14:07] QUESTION THREE: I have many products that all use the same basic keywords. How should I use Amazon PPC to help target people to see my various products?
    • [18:44] QUESTION FOUR: How do you coordinate your shipping for products? There are many options, how do you know what to do in each situation? And what labeling and inserts are your suppliers willing to do?



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