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You’ve heard of house flipping. And possibly you’ve heard of website flipping. Well in this episode we’re talking about at potentially new way to flip Amazon businesses, or just sell one you already own. Today Scott is chatting with a previous guest, Ty Rooney about an idea Ty has come up with to create a website interface to allow buyers and sellers of Amazon businesses to come together, exchange information, and consummate a sale of an already existing, profitable private label business on  Amazon. It’s an amazing idea… very appropriately featured on this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Ty Rooney’s built his own private label business and is helping others build theirs.

Ty was featured back on episode 33 of The Amazing Seller as an up and coming private label business owner and his business has taken off since then, just as he expected. But as he was building out his business he had another idea: help companies with existing products get their products on Amazon. He’s discovered a great niche and his expertise with the Amazon Seller Central interface has enabled him to work up to 20 clients whose accounts he manages. It’s that expertise that’s led him to consider this another new idea: helping Amazon sellers sell their businesses to interested buyers. It’s a great idea… one you’ll hear about in detail on this episode.

Why would you want to sell a profitable Amazon business?

The steady cash flow of most profitable Amazon businesses makes them a very desirable type of business to have. So why would you want to sell one? There are many reasons. Though you can streamline an Amazon business like no other, there’s still some work involved in reordering products, etc. It may be that an Amazon seller simply gets burned out and wants to try something different. Selling their business could be a great option… and there are plenty of business people out there who are eager to invest in businesses with a proven track record of profits. Ty Rooney and Scott Voelker have assembled a team of people who are working toward an Amazon Business brokerage that would help buyers and sellers make those deals happen. You can hear all the details by listening to this episode.

What is my Amazon business worth if I wanted to sell it?

Naturally, there are many variables to determining how much any business is worth. And the Amazon model is still new enough that there’s no established track record of business sales to go by. But Ty Rooney has been doing his homework to work toward an Amazon business broker site and believes that the average Amazon business that is profitable could likely sell for at least 20 times its monthly net. So an Amazon private label sales business that is bringing in $2,000 a month could potentially sell for $40,000 or more. Do you see the possibilities? Ty has lots to share on this episode so be sure to listen.

Buy an already profitable Amazon business that is fully vetted by experts.

That’s one aspect of the idea Ty Rooney has for his Amazon business brokerage. Since he and his team are experts on how the Amazon Seller Central platform works, they would investigate the numbers on every business that is submitted for sale through their site. That way every claim made by a business owner about the profitability and track record of their Amazon business would be verified by an independent 3rd party. Buyers would be assured that the numbers they are hearing about their potential business purchase are accurate. Can you imagine the potential for this idea? Find out more on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


  • [0:03] Welcome and introduction to this episode… selling and buying profitable Amazon businesses, with Ty Roney.
  • [1:08] Shout out to the TAS Facebook Community member Christina Koontz Antsworth!
  • [4:28] Welcome to Ty, and Ty’s thanks to Scott for his help.
  • [5:52] An update on Ty’s story as an Amazon seller and running of an agency to help others sell on Amazon.
  • [13:19] Ty’s new idea of selling Amazon businesses to those not wanting to find products and set up the interface.
  • [16:40] Scott’s comparison of house flipping and how it applies to reselling an Amazon business.
  • [17:44] What could you expect a person to pay for an Amazon business? 20X your monthly net.
  • [19:15] How this model might compare to selling other types of businesses.
  • [29:56] The announcement of a new website for the sales of Amazon businesses.
  • [22:55] How people who can build out authority websites to attach to their Amazon business could use the platform.
  • [24:09] Who might want to use this service?
  • [26:45] Why Ty is excited about this type of business and the advantages he sees for those wanting to buy an Amazon business.
  • [29:06] An example of what a business purchase might look like.
  • [32:06] The one big piece the Jungle Flippers site would provide. Vetting the sellers.
  • [34:19] How the site would work for people interested in shopping businesses.
  • [39:00] Scott’s summary of the episode.


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