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There have been some changes to Amazon’s terms of service focusing around the issues of giveaways and reviews… but much of the “panic” you hear out there as a result is way overblown. In this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott’s going to go over what he considers to the 5 myths about giveaways and reviews. He’ll take the time to explain the panic, correct the myth, and tell you want he believes is appropriate to do in the scenario mentioned. You’ll get some practical advice about this vital part of your product launch strategy if you’ll take the time to listen, so why not click over and hit the play button right now?


MYTH 1: Amazon doesn’t allow you to do product giveaways anymore.


Scott’s not quite sure where this one came from but it’s clear from reading Amazon’s own terms of service for seller accounts that even Amazon believes that the giveaways and reviews are an integral part of how their platform works. Scott believes giveaways and reviews are something you not only should be doing, but that you HAVE to be doing. In this episode you can find out why he says that and also hear the important WAYS you go about soliciting reviews and making the most of giveaways. This episode could be instrumental in helping you get your product launch off the ground in a big way.


MYTH 3: You can’t ask family or friends to leave a review anymore.


Scott’s take on this is kind of unique. He believes that especially at the front end of your product launch you SHOULD ask family and friends to do reviews of your products, even if they are “unverified” reviews. Why? Because Amazon doesn’t know who all your family or friends are… neither do they know whether they bought your product someplace besides Amazon or not. Even if the powers that be at Amazon are able to determine that someone who left a review is a family member, the worst that will happen is that they will remove that review. But between the time it is left and the time Amazon removes it, it may have helped you get 2 or 3 or more sales because it was there. Scott’s got some actionable advice on this subject, so be sure you listen.


MYTH 5: I shouldn’t use a review service to get reviews.


There’s been a TON of panic around this topic, some people saying that the reviews left by review service participants will flag your account and get you banned, others saying it’s no big deal to use a review service at all. Which is true? As usual, Scott has his own take on this and it’s somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. Are you eager to hear what he has to say? Go ahead and listen to this episode (it’s only 26 minutes long)!


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  • [0:03] Welcome and introduction to this episode: Should we use giveaways and reviews?
  • [1:20] A shout out to the TAS Facebook Group and a member: Matt Pierson!
  • [3:59] How do reviews play into a product launch to help you get the ball rolling?
  • [5:35] MYTH 1: Amazon doesn’t allow you to give away products for reviews.
  • [11:35] MYTH 2: Giveaways and reviews don’t work anymore.
  • [13:20] MYTH 3: You can’t ask family and friends to leave a review anymore.
  • [15:36] MYTH 4: Your account will be banned if someone does not give the proper disclaimer in a review.
  • [16:34] MYTH 5: I shouldn’t use a review service to get reviews.
  • [21:14] The importance of playing by the rules and using moderation in your tactics.
  • [21:54] The importance of reviews!
  • [25:10] Your invitation to Scott’s free workshop!



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